So I get poison oak really bad and I get it a lot during the summer because I am a wild land fire fighter and I know the conventional method of using Tecnu to remove the oils from the skin however I recently started rubbing dish soap into my skin before working on greasy things because it makes the grease just run off my skin and I don't have to shower for twice as long scrubbing it all off and it hit me that I may be able to do the same with Tecnu and reduce my chances of getting poison oak even more... So my question is would rubbing Tecnu into my skin before being exposed to poison oak and showering after my exposure be effective vs. showering using Tecnu after the oils had time to soak into my skin for a bit


Because Tecnu Original Outdoor Skin Cleanser is a cleanser, it does not work as a barrier to poison ivy and oak oil. However, you can use Tecnu Original as a waterless cleanser when you are out in the field. When using it this way, you will want to rub Tecnu Original on your skin for two minutes and then wipe away with a cloth. This can help remove poison ivy and oak oil when you are away from a water source.

Use Tecnu to remove poison ivy and oak oil from skin, pets, tools and equipment