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Welcome! We are Tec Labs, an Oregon born and based pharmaceutical manufacturer who loves all things outdoors. With 40+ years of experience creating potions and lotions for itches and ouches endured on the trail, we like to think of ourselves as the "outdoor itch experts".


Tecnu Poison Ivy and Oak Treatment


It all started with Tecnu® Original outdoor skin cleanser - the versatile poison ivy wash that removes the rash-causing oil (urushiol) from just about everything - although, we recommend sticking to these things: skin, clothing, tools & equipment; you can even use Tecnu on your pets! Tecnu can also hold its own against tree sap and skunk oil. YES, we said SKUNK OIL.


While Tecnu Original® is a good solution for removing poison ivy and oak oil from the skin, Tecnu Extreme® Poison Ivy Scrub is our favorite all-over body wash to combat urushiol on the skin; the gentle scrub removes poison ivy oil from your skin quickly and effectively, so you can keep your adventure going!


Still using that old school pink lotion for your anti-itch needs? No offense to your grandma's go-to, but its time to upgrade! We make two excellent anti-itch treatments, Calagel® & Tecnu Rash Relief™ Spray. Calagel® provides quick relief from itch and pain caused by poison oak and ivy rash, insect bites, sunburns, minor rashes and more! Tecnu Rash Relief™ Spray is a homeopathic anti-itch remedy best known for its ability to help prevent scarring caused by poison oak and ivy rash. 


Count on us no matter where your outdoor adventure takes you!

Live life. Get Outdoors.™

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