Dear novice gardeners, established green-thumbs, & the rest,Gardening-tips-when-to-plant.gif

It's never too late to step up your gardening game no matter where your skills fall on the gardening spectrum! Knowing when to plant can greatly affect the success of your garden for the year. Varying plants, as you can imagine, have varying needs. Some plants tolerate cooler weather well, while others prefer warmer climates. Therefore, when you plant can be crucial to the health of your plants.

Decide what veggies and fruits you desire for the year and map out your plan! Mapping will help keep your gardening efforts organized and as successful as possible. Comparing maps year to year can also help you determine what works for your garden, and what doesn't. Check out our Pinterest board dedicated to Gardening Tips & Information!

Forget the deer, your biggest gardening foe? POISON IVY PLANTS (or, poison oak - depending on where you reside)! Don't be fooled into thinking, "I've never seen any poison oak or ivy plants in my yard, I don't need to worry." This may have been true at a time, however, birds are known distributors of the noxious plant's seeds! That's right, birds eat poison oak and ivy plants (they are unaffected by the rash-causing oil, urushiol), and when they "bomb" your yard, can spread the seeds. You never know when the poison plants may appear without warning!

Our recommendation? Keep a bottle of Tecnu® Original or Tecnu Extreme® on hand to wash with after tending your garden. Wash as soon as possible to remove the urushiol before it has a chance to spread, and be sure to rinse with cool water; warm water opens the pores which can cause the skin to absorb the urushiol more quickly.

Happy gardening!

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