Have you ever wondered about the oil that causes poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac rash? That nasty little oil or resin, rather, is called urushiol. This resin is an incredibly potent substance naturally occurring in all parts of these plants, roots are no exception. Contrary to popular belief, the plants don't even have to have leaves on them to cause a breakout in someone who is allergic. Many folks think that when poison oak, ivy, and sumac drop their leaves in the fall, they don't have to worry about getting the rash. This is entirely untrue. These plants can cause a rash any time of year.

Removing urushiol can be quite tough, as this oil is very sticky and does not evaporate. Simply washing with regular soap and water isn't likely to do the trick. You need something stronger, something tough enough to fight this powerful substance. Fortunately there is an over-the-counter (OTC) solution available at most drug/grocery stores, Tecnu® Original Outdoor Skin Cleanser. Tecnu® is able to bond with, and remove the resin as you'll see in this video. Urushiol is invisible, therefore, we found another pesky substance that is hard to remove for this demonstration, permanent marker. You'll notice, after two minutes, Tecnu® is able to completely remove the permanent marker from the hand. If you've accidentally marked yourself before, you'll remember it was no easy task to remove, and likely took many washes.

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