I had a ... rash, on both arms, throat, neck, chest and face. I had tried several different products - everything I could think of... I found this product in my local Wal-Mart. It was the only spray that didn't have some kind of salicilic acid or steriod (none of which had helped). I opened the spray in the car. I sprayed my chest and neck. For the first time I stopped itching. It didn't sting or burn...it felt so soothing! I even took cotton balls and soaked them with the spray and dabbed it on my face...By the next day the swelling in my face was going down and the itching STOPPED! The redness was going away and my skin felt softer. Every time I itched I sprayed ...(very fine mist). A week later the rash is gone along with the itching and inflamation. I am a customer FOR LIFE. Your product is AMAZING! THANK YOU!