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2017 Tecnu Safety Web

Tec Labs has been protecting work crews for over 50 years. Long known as "The Poison Oak and Ivy Experts," Tec Labs has been diligent in developing the hands-down best products for poison oak and ivy.

Tec Labs began with its legendary product, Tecnu; which was the first product to remove the rash causing substance, urushiol, from skin. After Tecnu's runaway success, the company moved on to other skin problems to solve.

Soon after, Calagel was introduced to compliment Tecnu and offer additional relief to those with an active rash. Calagel's special formulation contains ingredients to help dry up an oozing rash, prevent a secondary infection and protect skin as it heals.

Next up was Tecnu Extreme scrub. Tecnu Extreme works in 15 seconds to remove the rash causing oil and keeps it from spreading! It has become the biggest selling product in Tec Labs' line of oak and ivy products.

Along the way, Tec Labs has won many awards for being a great place to work. The Scientist magazine named Tec Labs as the number one place to work in the life sciences industry for three years in a row. The magazine looked at companies from the U.S., Canada and Western Europe. Men's Fitness magazine named Tec Labs one of the 15 fittest companies in the U.S. in 2007.

Tec Labs is located in Oregon's lush Willamette Valley. The company will continue to focus on developing world class products to help protect workers who are working in the trenches every day. Free samples are always available by calling Gabriel Starr at 541-918-4125 or emailing gstarr@teclabsinc.com. Training tools for cutting down on lost time due to poison oak and ivy are also available, including an 11 minute video that is chock full of helpful information and footage of poison oak and ivy. Companies with chronic poison oak and ivy problems can get a free on-site training session for workers by calling the above number.