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It is always a good idea to wash the affected area, whenever practical, before using Tecnu Rash Relief Spray to keep your rash clean. It is also better to leave the rash uncovered so that it can breathe, but if you would like to cover the rash use a loose bandage.

None of our medications are specifically indicated for shingles. Consult your doctor for proper treatment.

Tecnu Rash Relief Spray is an OTC homeopathic anti-itch medication that uses grindelia robusta and plantago major to stop itching and help promote healing.

Calagel is classified as a OTC topical drug and contains dyphenhydramine hydrochloride, benzethonium chloride, and zinc acetate to help stop itching, dry up your rash, and protect your skin. Calagel also contains menthol for instant cooling relief.

They are both effective and it is up to your personal preference as to which is better.


Calagel drug facts

Tecnu Rash Relief drug facts

3X designates that there is .01% of the active ingredient in Tecnu Rash Relief Spray.

This is stated as an extra precaution because of the Grindelia. There are precautionary warnings for pregnant or nursing women not to take Grindelia "internally, " although this warning does not appply to our "topical" products, we added this warning to our labels just to be extra cautious.

A plant that has homeopathic properties that are anti-inflammatory, promotes healing without scars, and encourages the repair of damaged tissue.

Tecnu Rash Relief Spray contains essential oils and alcohol, both of which may sting/burn sensitive areas such as the genitals.

Tecnu Rash Relief Spray has not been tested for use on animals, please consult your veterinarian.

Tecnu Rash Relief Spray has never been color/damage-tested on hair, so we can't say with certainty that it won't damage the hair. The bigger cause for concern is that it may run down into the eyes. We recommend testing an inconspicuous piece of hair first. Use care to avoid getting product in or around your eyes.

Tecnu Rash Relief Spray is not indicated for use on sunburns. 

Yes. However, please use caution. Spray onto your fingers first, then apply to your face (be sure to avoid eyes & mouth). Thoroughly rinse your hands after.