I used to purchase Ivy Stat and I can longer find it. However, an old tube I had listed this web site. Which one of your current products is similar to Ivy Stat (it was the BEST EVER!!)? Or can I purchase Ivy Stat elsewhere?


Tec Labs actually discontinued IvyStat! several years ago.  We found even though it was very effective, we could introduce a one step product which would do the exact same thing as the IvyStat! two step process.  The product we introduced was Tecnu Extreme.  It is a medicated scrub which will remove the urushiol oil from the skin and also treat the rash.  We have been very pleased with the success of this product.  Since it is all in one there is no need for the kit any longer.

IvyStat! kit contained a scrub as the first step and the second step was an anti-itch gel.  You can still purchase the anti-itch gel separately if you would like. It is called Corticool.

Tecnu Extreme 15 second relief