I have a very bad case of poison ivy on both arms. Rash, blisters oozing, very red. I have had it for 6 days now. The only thing that seems to relieve the itching is very hot water. (I just discovered Tecnu Extreme an hour ago.) On the label of Tecnu it says to wash for 15 seconds then rinse with cool water. Do I use this after my shower and should I keep the shower cool. Thank you for any help you can give me. How long should I give Tecnu before I go to the doctor? (Only have major medical insurance.) But don't want to let myself get into a serious situation.


We recommend rinsing with cool water because it closes your pores to keep the plant's urushiol from penetrating further. Since you have already washed with warmer water, you may want to go ahead and use Tecnu Extreme in your shower and let the warm water open up your pores so it can cleanse a little deeper. (You can use Tecnu Extreme while taking a shower or wash with it afterwards.)  We also suggest covering your blisters loosely with a bandage to keep them clean and to help prevent infection.  If the Tecnu Extreme does not help in the next day or so, I would visit your doctor.

Also, if your rash is very red, hot, swollen, has puss, painful or if you have a fever you want to see your doctor.  Severe rashes can result in a serious skin infection.

Tecnu Extreme 15 second relief