I came into contact with poison ivy 5 days ago and didn't know it until it was too late. I started itching 2 hours later and broke out in the middle of the night with the rashes and little bumps. I received an anti-inflammatory shot and I am on a cycle of steroids that I started 5 days ago. However, even though I started the prescription 5 days ago, I still am getting new bumps every day, several times a day. Some of the first rashes and bumps to occur are healing but why are there still more bumps appearing? I have been following my prescription properly and have also been using creams and gels to dry out the rash/bumps and stop the itching. Is it normal to still have new spots appear this late even when on prescribed medication?! Please help!


If it is indeed poison ivy rash that is spreading, it sounds like you are coming in contact with the plant's oil still. How did you get the rash? Could the rash-causing oil (urushiol) be on gardening tools or gloves? Do you have a pet? Sometimes the oil will sit on your dog or cat's fur and you keep getting it from them. Could it be on the steering wheel of your car? Try to see if you can find the point of contact with the plant oil so it can be washed off and end your cycle. Tecnu Original cleanser can be used to remove the oil from these items if that may help.

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