This is not your grandma's pink, flaky calamine anti-itch lotion. Calagel® Medicated Anti-itch Gel is a clear, skin protecting shield that offers cooling itch relief that stays where you put it.  Calagel provides itch and pain relief for insect bites, sunburn, minor burns, poison ivy and oak rash, and other minor rashes or skin irritations.

Product Description

Get instant, cooling, treatment of your itch with maximum strength Calagel Medicated Anti-itch Gel! Calagel's formula is hydrocortisone-free and offers the "five A's" to relieve your painful, itchy rash:

  • Antiseptic - Kills germs to help prevent infection because scratching your itch can spread bacteria.
  • Analgesic - A pain reliever because rashes and skin irritations can sometimes be painful.
  • Antipruritic - Maximum strength itch relief that is long lasting.
  • Antihistamine - Reduces swelling with an antihistamine for allergy relief.
  • Astringent - Some rashes can have oozing blisters, so Calagel includes an astringent to dry up poison ivy oozing.

When used with Tecnu® Original Outdoor Skin Cleanser, Calagel is a highly effective itching treatment for poison ivy, oak and sumac rash. Wash with Tecnu Original first to remove the rash causing oil, urushiol (oo-roo-she-all). After washing with Tecnu Original, apply Calagel to offer cooling relief to your inflamed, itchy poison ivy, oak or sumac rash.