Insect Repellent


If you love the outdoors you have noticed mosquitoes and other biting insects are everywhere. Bites and stings are itchy and painful, and these insects can spread diseases such as West Nile Virus, Lyme Disease and Dengue Fever. Protect yourself against biting insects by using a trusted insect repellent.

Designed for outdoor work crews, our 10 Hour Insect Repellent uses 100% DEET to repel biting insects up to 10 hours. Just a few sprays will do the trick, no need to saturate. Our 2 oz. bottle can last as long as 3 aerosol cans if used as directed.

In addition to using insect repellent here are a few tips to help prevent insect bites and stings:

  • Mosquitoes and other insects are most active during dusk. It is best to avoid being outdoors during this time of day.
  • Insects thrive near pooling or standing water. Pick up materials that catch rain water and drain off any standing water to help prevent insect colonies from forming.
  • Keep insects out of your clothing by wearing long sleeve shirts and tucking your pants into your socks when walking through the woods or in fields.
  • Insects are drawn towards fragrances so avoid scented products like perfumes and lotions when you know you will be spending a lot of time outdoors.

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