Ah yes, the products! The office would be rather dull if we didn't have products to sell or market! This hard-working, chipper group is up and at 'em before the sun rises each and every day! With copious amounts of coffee, they set to work formulating & producing the products Tec Labs' consumers know and love.   

Mike Burner Production Manager

Mike Burner

Production Manager

Mike Hutchison Production

Mike Hutchison

Line Captain

Dustin Patterson Production

Dustin Patterson

Line Captain

Tj Weekly Production

TJ Weekly

Line Captain

Cleveland Walters Production

Cleveland Walters


Izaak Wetmore Production

Izaak Wetmore


Will Bussard Production Shipping

William Bussard


Jim Landtroop Maintenance

Jim Landtroop


Not Pictured

Loreen Landtroop

POP Packaging