Our leadership team is made up of a diverse group of individuals who provide direction and guidance to the entire Tec Team. From implementing corporate strategy, mapping company goals, managing workflow, to scheduling serendipity days (random paid days off, yeah!), they do it all!

Sds Web

Steve Smith


35 years
Vern Web

Vern Smith

Chief Science Officer

31 years
Tonya Web

Tonya Smith

Executive VP, Treasurer

12 years
Lisa Web

Lisa Muller

Marketing Director

20 years
Larry Web

Larry Burris

Director of Sales

28 years
Mike Web

Mike Burner

Director of Talent Management

17 years
Ness Web

Steve Ness

Director of Operations

21 years
Kevin Web

Kevin Collins

Assistant Director of Operations

12 years
Nikki Web

Nikki Frum

Formulation Design Manager

14 years
Emma Web

Emma Gibson

Human Resources Manager

8 years
Dustin Web

Dustin Patterson

Production Packaging Manager

10 years
Hutch Web

Michael Hutchison

Production Bottling Manager

9 years