Checks and numbers and ledgers, OH MY! Without our team of math magicians, comprised of Amy, Perla, & Jenny we'd be in a whole lot of trouble! These ladies do far more than simply crunch numbers and cut paychecks (although, we the employees, are quite fond of the paychecks), they oversee the business of the business here at Tec Laboratories, and keep the doors open and the lights on. Loreen upholds our promise to provide exceptional customer service to our treasured consumers, and keeps the office moving along.

Stephen Web

Stephen Grantham

Director of Finance

9 years
Amy Web

Amy Byler


21 years
Perla Web

Perla Gonzalez


4 years
Jenny Web

Jenny Govier


2 years
Loreen Web

Loreen Landtroop

Office Assistant

9 years