Children & Poisonous Plants

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Children And Poisonous Plants

While the majority knows not to eat poisonous plants, we often forget to educate our children on the matter. Years ago, folks believed ingesting small amounts of poison plants such as poison oak or ivy would result in immunity. As the years have passed by, we've since become more versed in the matter and now know that these old wives tales are simply unfounded, as well as very dangerous. Surprisingly, there are a number of poisonous ornamental plants lurking around our yards, gardens, and foyers apart from the usual suspects, poison oak, ivy, & sumac, and nightshade. Some of these plants include:

  • Azaleas
  • English Ivy
  • Angel's Trumpets
  • Elephant Ear
  • Irises
  • Oleander
  • Wisteria

It is important that we not only familiarize ourselves with these plants, but teach our children their names, what they look like, and the dangers of touching and/or consuming them. In addition to education, there are a number of safety measures that can be taken to protect kids from potential contact with toxic plants:

  • Always supervise children when they are outdoors and be especially cautious when they are around mushrooms, or plants with colorful flowers or berries.
  • Avoid making your own medical concoctions from plants for yourself or your children.
  • Regardless of old wives tales about eating poisonous plants for immunity, it is NEVER recommended to do so. Eating these plants can cause serious illness, even death.
  • Avoid growing poisonous plants altogether if you have young children.
  • Store all garden supplies in a safe place not easily accessed by children; this includes seeds and bulbs.
  • In case of poisoning or suspected poisoning, call a physician or poison control immediately.

We should exercise the same precaution with poisonous plants as we do with our pharmaceuticals, cleaning supplies and other chemicals kept around the home!

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