Don’t Pokemon Go into the Poison Oak!

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Pokemon Go Poison Oak

OK folks, we have a serious topic to cover today. Pokèmon Go. Please tell me you've heard of the new craze? If you haven't, I can only assume you've been living under a rock (in a cave, in a cabin in the woods, in your mom's basement, etc.). I mean, honestly, it's been slathered across all forms of media, it's nearly impossible to hide from. If you are familiar, yes, you read that correctly!  The once popular 90's kid game is making a comeback!

In fact, just the other day at the office as a group of us were chatting about a project (aka, what happened last night on The Real Housewives - totally kidding) when we spotted our co-workers, Clutch* and Lennon* running through the field next to our building, phones in the air. It took us a moment to figure out what they were up to when the epiphany hit us all, and in unison we exclaimed, "Oh! Pokèmon Go."

You might be wondering, how does this have ANYTHING to do with poison oak? Well, if you are at all familiar with the game, you know that it leads you to varying locations to find the elusive Pokemon characters. One minute you could be headed to a grocery store, the next a church, a hotel, or quite possibly a park or other outdoor location that could be harboring poison oak (or, ivy). Not only can the app lead a person into poison oak infested territory, the problem is the loss of distinction between reality and the game…

People (there may be more adults playing than children!) are getting so wrapped up in the game, that they forget they are living, breathing, and moving about in the real world, not a virtual reality. In fact, just this morning on Live with Kelly, Kelly said she was plowed into by a woman who was playing the game on the streets of N.Y.C. The woman apparently didn't bother to look up from her to screen to see Kelly standing directly in her path. After nearly knocking her down to the ground, the woman continued on chasing the elusive Pokemon character on her phone, and didn't give Kelly a second glance. So, you can see how a person consumed by the game, could unknowingly wander into poison oak and come out with a rash!

What's a Pokèmon Go player to do? Carry Tecnu®, of course! Tecnu might just save your bacon the next time you go chasing after Pikachu or one of his friends. We commend you for getting outdoors, but how about putting the screen down from time to time too?


Live life. Get outdoors!™

*names have been changed to protect the identities of these players 

Still confused? Here's a 400 word explanation of Pokèmon Go:

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