Oh Autumn, how you fool!

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Oh, Autumn how we love thee! The air gets cooler, the days get a little bit shorter, and the wonderful world of color fills the skies with gorgeous hues of red and orange. As the leaves gently fall to the ground, we naively think we are in the clear.  We are in the clear of the summer pain. That horrible plant is finally dormant. That horrible poison ivy and oak plant that caused us to itch all spring and summer long is gone. It has shed those leaves of death (or that's how we see them), and we are in the clear for at least a couple of months...

WRONG!Poison oak in the fall

If you thought that the above was true, don't worry you are not the only one. Unfortunately, just because it is out of sight, it should not be out of mind. Even though the plant has shed its leaves the urushiol oil that causes those lovely rashes do not go away. The oil can remain active for several years, and every part of the plant can carry it. The leaves on the ground, the bark of the plant, and even the roots can all contain the oil.

 Now that I have officially crushed your dreams, you are probably wondering how in the world do I Poison ivy and oak are hard to identify in the fallspot the plant now?!?! That is unfortunately not always easy. The "leaves of three let them be" motto is no longer applicable. The Tec Labs offices are located in the beautiful Oregon Willamette Valley. We have wonderful scenery and a couple of trails right across the street from us. On one of those trails, there is poison oak (we promise we didn't put it there). The two pictures to the right were found on those trails. The top picture you can clearly tell this is poison oak. It has the leaves of three, shiny, and climbing that poor tree. The bottom picture is just one week later. That former itch trap is now just some unassuming vines that look like everything else! We get it, it sucks!

It is a common misconception that Tecnu® is just for the spring and summer months, but don't pack up your Tecnu® with the rest of your summer items. It deserves a permanent spot in your medicine cabinet because poison oak and ivy are out there and that rash will find you no matter what time of year it is. 

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