It's Food, It's Shelter, It's Poison Ivy!

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Nearly every summer, poison ivy (or, oak) sufferers can be heard throughout the U.S. exclaiming, "Why? Why God, why? What is the purpose of poison ivy?" Truly, a great question. Why does such a toxic, awful, pain-inducing plant exist? For many, it only inhabits this planet to torture them; plain and simple. But, you might be surprised to learn, poison ivy plants actually contribute a great deal to the environment, and a vast array of species.

Sometime last year, I wrote a post on the benefits of poison ivy. Since then, we have recently stumbled upon more information and it turns out, it's even more beneficial than we had thought! We know, we know, "but the misery it causes!" True, it does cause itching, burning, and irritation, OH MY! But, it's important to appreciate what it does for the environment, and the habitats poison ivy plants play a key role in.

Benefits of poison ivy

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Yes, we want to rid our own yards and gardens of poison oak and poison ivy plants, no doubt about it. However, before we head off on a crusade to rid the whole planet of these noxious weeds, let's consider how important they are to the outdoor life we cherish, & the creatures that inhabit the lands we love:

A little surprising, right? So why not learn to coexist with poison ivy as best we can? Continue adventuring the vast lands of this earth, but in the process, let's not rip from the ground an essential piece of Mother Nature's puzzle. Instead, let's learn what poison oak and poison ivy plants look like, how to avoid poison ivy and poison oak, and also, how to treat poison ivy rash.

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