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Dear Readers: Avoid poison ivy while gardening

For those of you who frequent the vast sea of social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.), you know how great a 'like', 'thumbs up', 'share', 'favorite', or comment can feel. Am I right? It's the acknowledgement of a great photo, a witty saying, or a shared opinion, that validates your existence in a strange way that makes you feel like a million bucks (if you negate this, you either aren't on social media, or you are living in denial - it's ok, we still think you're great anyway)!

Imagine getting the "ultimate like." Who would that be for you? Perhaps from your favorite author, athlete, or celebrity. The one 'like' that wouldn't just make your day, it would MAKE YOUR YEAR. Think about how those Twi-hards (Twilight fans) feel when they spot Edward (Actor, Robert Pattinson). Pandemonium. Absolute Pandemonium. I envision Jumanji when all you-know-what breaks loose. Or the scene in Mean Girls when the students turn into wild animals. Alright, too many movie references! Do you have someone in mind? Ok.

On to my point. When I say "Martha" you think, "Stewart." No question. The woman has pioneered her way through modeling, catering, television, fashion, home décor, and the list goes on. At some point in such a successful trail, your last name sort of falls off. It's unnecessary, no longer needed, you are a recognizable one-namer. This can be verified with a simple Google search. Type in "Martha" and the entire first page of results all lead to Martha Stewart.

So imagine our excitement, when Martha was cleverly crafting a "gardening first aid kit" for a friend during a segment, and mentioned Tecnu®. Yes, you read that right, MARTHA STEWART TALKED ABOUT TECNU and not only that, included it in her kit! To add even more icing to the cake, she referred to our flagship product as "EXCELLENT," our lives are now complete. We can die and go to heaven, Martha loves Tecnu! Remember those Twi-hards I mentioned, that was us at Tec Labs… times 10. Eeeeeeeeek!

No need to worry if that "ultimate like" hasn't happened for you yet. It will happen one day, and it will be your turn to run around screaming like a pre-teen with glee and excitement radiating your entire being. Be patient. This was a 50 year wait and the birth of social media for Tec Labs.

PS - Tecnu really is the perfect addition to any gardening first aid kit. I mean, who are we to argue with Martha? Seriously though, if you're a gardener, you know that occasionally poison oak and poison ivy plants like to sneak their way in amongst your crops… don't get caught off-guard!

Live life. Get Outdoors!

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