Summer Itchin' Happened So Fast


Summer Itchin' Had Me a Ra-ash…

Tecnu Extreme Poison Ivy ScrubGreetings Adventurers:

Ah yes, summer time means so many things: sunshine, seemingly never-ending days, crisp air, iced-tea, the scent of fresh cut grass, outdoor adventures aplenty, and oh yeah, POISON OAK & IVY! {Picture this}… It's a beautiful mid-summer's day. You're at a nearby hiking destination enjoying your expedition, when suddenly you realize… you've just trekked through a patch of poison ivy… Unfortunately, you have never heard of Tecnu Extreme and you're not sure what to do. That's when your fellow adventurers begin offering up a slew of their own concoctions and home remedies. You're overwhelmed by the many options you've been given, and not sure where to begin… Cut to 2 days later, when none of said concoctions did anything to improve your bout of poison ivy rash… What's the trouble with home remedies? Well, to start, often they do not work to remove urushiol (rash-causing oil from poison oak, poison ivy, & poison sumac), they can be incredibly messy, and most importantly, some can be downright harmful. These are the top 10 most common poison oak and ivy home remedies we've heard of, and why you may want to avoid them:

***IMPORTANT NOTE: We do NOT recommend using any of these***

  • Dawn Dish Soap - Ah yes, while this great kitchen wonder works well on your dishes, it may not be strong enough to remove urushiol from your skin.
  • Oatmeal bath - Oatmeal may have soothing properties that can be useful once a rash has appeared, however it does not remove urushiol from the skin.
  • Rubbing Alcohol - Ouch! This particular home remedy can be harsh on the skin and cause irritation if rash has already appeared.
  • Gasoline - Yikes! Not only can gasoline be tough on your skin, there is a possibility of infection, as well as the concern of ignition. Let's leave gasoline to power our vehicles and lawn mowers folks!
  • Bleach - Again, YIKES. Seriously? Bleach can also be incredibly harsh on skin (particularly broken, irritated skin), and can also cause infection, burns, or other serious damage.
  • Cold Coffee - Really? That would take a lot of coffee (depending on the size of the affected area), not to mention, messy! Latte anyone?
  • Watermelon rinds - We had to laugh a little at this one. This sounds like it would be messier than it would be helpful… How are you supposed to keep those rinds on? Picturing this is what started the laughing.
  • Tea bags - Another interesting, messy approach. Again we wonder, how do you keep them in place?
  • Vodka - Huh? Who knew? We would imagine this would be similar to the use of rubbing alcohol. Depending on the brand, it's pretty much the same thing isn't it?
  • Mouth Wash - Hmm? We can't be sure whether this removes urushiol or not, or whether it would relieve itching. This one sounds time consuming and messy!

Why bother with messy home remedies when you can count on the trusted name in poison oak and ivy for over 50 years? After contact with poison ivy or oak, use Tecnu Extreme to remove the rash-causing oil, stop spreading, and gently exfoliate. If you begin to itch or notice symptoms of a rash, try Calagel® Medicated Anti-itch Gel, or Tecnu Rash Relief™ Spray for immediate relief!

Live Life. Get Outdoors!

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