Leaves of Three, Let it Be!

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Dear Friends,posion ivy leaves of three

I have a confession to make… I am a bit ashamed to admit that…. I have never seen poison oak or poison ivy with my very own eyes {GASP!}. Yes, I've seen photos of the noxious plants (Obviously; I work for the makers of Tecnu, & Tecnu Extreme), but have yet to run across the poison oak that covers vast areas of the great state of Oregon. Now, to my defense, I grew up on the Eastern side of the state that is more of a desert-like climate; not necessarily the environment where poison oak thrives. It's not as if you get hired at Tec Labs, and are immediately required to go and throw yourself into the nearest patch of poison oak to prove your worth and understanding for the oak and ivy line of products. In fact, my lack of experience with the plant(s) fueled me to learn more about poison oak, the rash, and the struggles those with horrible cases deal with!

So now you are probably wondering, why of all topics did I choose this one? Why did I choose to out myself? Although embarrassing to admit, I can't pass up a good blog post when it reveals itself to me {I'm taking one for the Tec Labs team, if you will}! Which brings me to last weekend when my hubby and I decided to take our beloved black lab, Tuff, for a hike at nearby Mary's Peak. All in all, the roundtrip hike was 11 miles {which we completed in roughly 2 hours, YEAH!}.

We began our upward trek to the top of the peak, and as we moved along I suddenly became very nervous. The trail was quite narrow in some areas and varying types of mountain-greenery had crept their way onto the path. No big deal at first, but then I factor in that my sweet boy (Tuff) loves to travel side-by-side, which ultimately lead to him taking over the path and shoving me off course into said mystery-greenery. Then it hits me like a freight train…… THERE IS PROBABLY POISON OAK OUT HERE! Suddenly I realize, that I've never actually seen it! I've seen photos, yes. But, never the real deal! I immediately start taking inventory of everything I know about poison oak.

  • Are my arms and legs covered? Check.
  • What does P.O. look like?
    • Scalloped leaves? Check.
    • Hues of bronze, green, yellow, and possible red? Check.
    • Greenish-white or tan colored berries. Check.
    • I'm not confusing poison ivy with poison oak, am I? No. Check.
    • Do I have an extra bottle of Tecnu at home? CHECK. DOUBLE. CHECK.
    • Leaves of three, let it be! Mantra, Check.

I then began repeating that mantra in my head… "Leaves of three, let it be." Again, and again, and again… FOR. THE. ENTIRE. 11. MILES. Seriously. In fact, there were moments I had to stifle laughing at my neurotic behavior as not to tip off my hubby on what was actually going on in my head (He'd never let me live it down). Now, as embarrassed as I am to share this with you, it is an important reminder to prepare yourselves AHEAD of time for the potential poison plants that may be lurking on your next outdoor adventure. Know what the plants look like, and where you are likely to encounter them. Oh, and always have your Tecnu ready at home! Mine is in the shower, where it will stay. FOREVER.

Adventure on!

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2 comments for “Leaves of Three, Let it Be!”

  1. Posted 6/13/2014 at 5:31:32 PM
    Gravatar of Roxann Brouwer

    Glad your trip was itch free. Be glad your dog didn't wander into any leaves of three and transfer those oils onto you.

  2. Posted 6/25/2014 at 7:15:47 AM
    Gravatar of Caileen

    Roxann: I didn't mention in my post, but our pup got a precautionary Tecnu wipe-down, followed by a bath when we returned home :). You never can be too careful!

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