Sunshine Dreams on Rainy Days

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favorite hiking trails around the world

Dear Readers:

I find myself in a conundrum this time of year… The holidays have come and gone, yet it isn't quite warm enough for long days and countless hours spent outdoors. For now, we dream of warmer temperatures and sunny days, awaiting that much needed fresh air and renewed appreciation for Mother Nature and all of her offerings. So, in the spirit of outdoor dreams, I decided to draft a list of my top 5 dream hikes with a little help from National Geographic; because who knows the outdoors of this beautiful planet better than Nat Geo? {No one, that's who!} These are the trails that live in your fantasies. The trails that you may never see with your own eyes, but hold onto the hope of "one day." The trails so beautiful in pictures that you question whether they actually exist. Yes, those. The holy grail of trails. If wishes were fishes… These would be my top 5:

  1. EVEREST BASE CAMP TREK, NEPAL (Notably, "the greatest of all high mountain journeys") - Round Trip: 70 miles, 16 days. To avoid monsoons and for the most beautiful blooms, it is suggested to trek in March or April. For the safest and most enjoyable experience, going with a guide is recommended!
  2. GRINDELWALD'S FAIRY TALE VALLEY, SWITZERLAND - Round Trip: 10 miles, 2-3 days. The best time to go: high summer and into September, the Faulhorn closes in October. The best part about this trek? The unmatched beauty of the acclaimed Alps of course! I've always dreamed of the beauty and peacefulness that Switzerland has to offer!
  3. LONG RANGE TRAVERSE, NEWFOUNDLAND CANADA - Round Trip: 23 miles, 3-5 days. Optimal hiking lasts from June through September on this beautiful trail! Due to the difficulty of the trek, it recommend to take a guide if you do not consider yourself to be an "expert navigator." {I would definitely need a guide, I couldn't find my way out of a paper bag!} Waterfalls, granite cliffs, seaside views, moose & caribou, this beauty is chalk-full of things to see!
  4. MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON, UGANDA - Round Trip: 38 miles, 6-7 days. Dry season is the time to tackle this trail, December through March. Located on the Uganda/Congo border, the peaks make up the highest range in Africa! A longer trek, but sign me up!
  5. BAY OF FIRES, TASMANIA AUSTRALIA - Round Trip: 16 miles, 4 days. Part of me wants to visit solely because of my love for Crocodile Dundee, on the other hand… it is a true beauty! The best time to visit this beach route is October through May. The stunning combination of the white sand beaches, rock formations, and pristine turquoise of the Tasman Sea is breathtaking! Tip: If you're scared of snakes, this is not the trail for you!

Where in the world do you want to hike? What trails are calling your name? Need a little help? Check out this article to get a jumpstart: If you get the chance to make your hiking dreams come true, don't forget to pack your Tecnu! You never know where you may run into the evil ivy! Until next time friends, adventure on and DREAM BIG!

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