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Outdoor AdventurerWe all have that father, brother, sister, mother, niece, nephew, cousin, or friend that is outdoor-to-the-core. You know who I'm talking about…. Uncle Willy who owns every rifle ever made; cousin Beau who has hiked every trail in the Pacific Northwest; sister Susie who out-fishes most grown men. You get the idea. While you on the other hand, much prefer the comfort of your couch with remote in hand, a bowl of lucky charms in the other, while you surf for T.V.'s latest trashy, er… I mean, interesting reality show. That's ok. Be you my friend, own it! We don't all have to be outdoors-people. But, this does present a bit of a predicament when it comes to finding the right gift. Am I right? What to get {insert relation of choice here} is a bit of a challenge when interests are so varied! So, as the makers of outdoor solutions since 1962, we are here to help! Check out these unique, specifically geared gifts for outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen in your life:

  1. Battery light: Perfect for any overnight outdoor adventure! This small, light-weight "flashlight" was specifically designed to fit a 9v battery.
  2. Cooling Cap: On those hot days your outdoors-lover can wear this cap to keep their noggin 20°F cooler than the outside temperature. I wonder if they sell a lot of these in Arizona?
  3. The Kauffman Mercantile miniature tool kit: This mini tool kit in not only handy, but quite unique because you have the option to build your own! Customize the kit to the recipient's outdoor needs!
  4. Cabela's Colorphase Technology Gear: These jackets are made with temperature-sensitive dyes that change color with the seasons. Keeping hunting gear appropriate for all seasons of the year! Quiet, light-weight, & warm. A must for every hunter!
  5. The Lifestraw: The light-weight personal water filter system can filter up to 1,000 liters! It is also 99% effective against waterborne bacteria and waterborne parasites. This handy little tool could save a life.
  6. The Nike Sportwatch: Do you know an avid trail runner? This is the perfect gift! Not only does this watch track heart rate, distance, and calories burned (among other things), it also has built-in TomTom GPS to keep your runner from getting lost!
  7. Rite in the Rain: This all-weather notebook is perfect for a great many outdoor adventurers who find themselves needing to write, even during a downpour!
  8. Can Cooker Jr.: This handy-little can, can cook a meal on any heat source in under an hour! It uses steam to cook, rather than water! Perfect for back-packers trying to keep their gear lightweight.
  9. Cairn Monthly Giftbox: This monthly gift box subscription is filled with the newest outdoor gadgets, equipment, snacks, & more! Learn more about Cairn on our Pinterest Board (information below).
  10. Tecnu Extreme® Poison Ivy & Oak Scrub: The gift that can be used year round! Removes the rash-causing oil from poison oak, ivy, and sumac, stops it from spreading, and gently exfoliates the skin.

*You can check out these gifts and more on our Pinterest Board:The Outdoor Life.

The great thing about these gifts? Well, other than being perfect for the outdoors-person in your life… you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own home to find them! Every gift on this list can be purchased online. If you're not into online shopping, head to your local sporting goods store!


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