Resolutions of the Outdoors Enthusiast

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Time spent outdoors is never a waste…New years resolution, live outdoors

Dear Friends,

We sure hope that 2013 was kind to you and yours, and that it was a memorable year! Now, before you stop reading this post because you're sick of seeing content about resolutions give me a chance! This isn't your typical list of resolutions (i.e. lose weight, eat healthier, stop smoking, be a better person, etc.), this list is strictly for outdoors enthusiasts and those who aspire to be. So in 2014, let's give our minds a break, cover new terrain, try something new, & most importantly, let's appreciate this beautiful earth we call home and spend as much time soaking up her beauty as we can! To help you get started, we've compiled our top 10 outdoors resolutions; use our list as a guide, make your own, or create a combination of ours and yours:

1.)    Learn to tie more knots - there are an infinite amount of knots we can learn and find use for in the great outdoors! Try practicing an hour each day while you watch T.V.

2.)    Update your first aid kit - it's always a good idea to make sure all of the items in your kit are up to date and not past their expiration dates. We recommend filling your kits with Tecnu products of course!

3.)    Capture more of your adventures on film - a great way to remember your best trips outdoors!

4.)    Keep your pup in shape - Just like people, our 4-legged companions are the happiest and healthiest when they get regular exercise! They too, love being outdoors so share the experience!

5.)    Learn how to work that GPS - Whether you're geocaching or not, it never hurts to have your GPS on hand and better yet, know how to work it!

6.)    Discover a new place - sure, you have those certain locations that you and your family have made memories over the years, but take a chance and try somewhere new!  You never know, you may end up loving it!

7.)    Know your plants - more specifically, know the poison plants in the area you adventure to: poison oak, ivy and sumac may be lurking! See what these plants look like in our poison plant identification guide.

8.)    Join a local outdoor Non-Profit group - this is your chance to give back to Mother Nature and thank her for all that she gives us! Preserve the outdoors for future generations to enjoy!

9.)    Try a new outdoor activity - geocaching, hunting, trail running, hiking, fishing, boating, etc. The list of fun to be had outdoors is endless, so go ahead, be brave and try something new!

10.)  Learn how to use a map and compass - if you don't already know how, these are very important skills that every outdoors enthusiast should know. If you mastered these skills long ago, pay it forward and teach someone else!

Finally, as a lover of the outdoors always remember to: spend more time outdoors than indoors, never let a sunny day pass you by, leave things as you found them if not better, try new things, & never stop adventuring outdoors! Happy New Year from the Tec Labs family to yours!

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