The 5 Stages of Poison Ivy Grief

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From grief… to relief…

Dear Friends,Poison Ivy grief

We've all been there. Stopped cold in our tracks by fear. The fear of the frightening rash that has at one time or another, kept us indoors. Kept us from {insert favorite outdoor activity here}. Kept us from enjoying the refreshing experience of a beautiful day spent basking in Mother Nature's mountains, hills, fields, and streams. And for some, If it hasn't managed to force you indoors, you've gone out for your hike and agonized over Every. Single. Step. And with each step you wonder, did I just brush up against poison ivy (or oak)? That plant kind of looks like poison ivy; is it? Despite our efforts to destroy & avoid these distressing plants, they continue to prevail! If ever we plan to overcome this adversary, we must first, be well acquainted with the five stages of poison ivy that will deliver us from grief, to relief!

Let's begin!

1.)    Denial: Is a river in Egypt. Just kidding. I couldn't pass that one up! This is actually the stage when your thoughts go something like this: "That wasn't poison ivy and if it was, I swear I didn't touch it!"

2.)    Anger: "!%#@$ this better not be a poison ivy rash on my face and arms!" said as you stomp around making aggressive gestures (as if it's going to scare the rash away).

3.)    Bargaining: Ha! As if this ever works! It's like telling yourself that you're only going to have ONE more chip. We all know how that ends, with an empty bag! Regardless you tell yourself, "Ok, ok. All I have to do is avoid scratching and it will just disappear. BUT, I REALLY want to scratch it, maybe just one scratch. Yeah, just one. That's it." or "One eye swollen shut isn't so bad, at least I have the other eye." or better yet, "Looking like a creature from Walking Dead has it's perks, teasing small children and clearing out the entire line at the grocery store is kind of fun!"

4.)    Depression: "This is hopeless. None of my friends or family want within 10 feet of me, and I have reached the point of looking something like a cross between The Swamp Thing, and Freddy Krueger." You continue your pity party until you reach the stage of enlightenment, ACCEPTANCE!

5.)    Acceptance: This is when you've realized that looking like a leper is beyond the point of amusement. This is also when you've realized that no amount of denial, anger, bargaining, or depression will solve your unfortunate skin dilemma.

So now you are probably wondering how you can bypass the first four stages and head straight to acceptance. Easy! If you know you have been exposed, or even think you may have been exposed to the rash causing oil (urushiol) from poison ivy or poison oak, simply wash up with Tecnu Original or Tecnu Extreme! You'll be back to living your life outdoors in no time! Skip the grief, and head straight for relief! Don't fear the ivy!

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