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Put an end to your painfully boring summer routine…Crater Lake Oregon

Dear Creatures of Habit,

Recently I was scanning through my newest addiction, Pinterest (not the addiction you were thinking of, was it?) and came across a great online tool that I was sure you, my fellow adventurers would love!  Right about now you're planning your summer treks, vacations, get-a-ways, etc. You find yourself repeating a familiar mantra, "THIS is the year that I will branch out of the ordinary, and adventure somewhere new."  But, you're unsure of where to go, what to do, and how you'll get there, so you end up sticking to the same-old, same-old: weenie roasts in grandma's backyard, camp-outs in yours, and maybe a visit to the local water park.  Enough of the mundane, take advantage of this easy-to-use trip tool.  It does the planning for you, so no more uncertainty and fear of the unknown my friends, let's brave it and try something new!

First, find the pin for the Family Road Trip USA tool on our "Outdoor-spiration" Pinterest board here. Next, click on the state (or, states) you'd like to visit, and presto! As if by magic a list of attractions, national & state parks, camp sites, and more appear before your very eyes! Now, I realize we may be a bit biased here, BUT because we have such a beautiful state with bountiful offerings fit for everyone, we think you should check out Oregon first! Here are just a few of the places that make our state so unique and beautiful:

  • Crater Lake National Park - One of planet earth's most beautiful lakes, crystal blue in color, 2000 feet high, and surrounded by cliffs.  A vision everyone should see at least once in their lifetime!
  • John Day Fossil Beds National Monument - In this tiny town, you and your kiddos can dig up fossils of varying species and plants, FOR FREE!
  • Oregon National Historic Trail - Have you ever heard of those guys, what were their names? Oh yeah, Lewis & Clark! Bring history alive for your children along the Oregon Trail.
  • Oregon Caves National Monument - Visit one of the few marble caves in the world, tucked deep inside the ancient forest of the Siskiyou Mountains.  While you're there, don't forget to check out one the largest Douglas fir trees in Oregon.

Now, that you've planned your trip to Oregon and have decided on the attractions and activities that best suit your family, we have a few suggestions for items to include in your travel kit:

  • Snacks, water bottles, juice, etc. - hungry kids make the BEST road trip partners, said NO PARENT EVER!
  • Bandages - for the inevitable minor cuts, scrapes, and burns!
  • Baby wipes - handy for any potential messes - don't be naïve, they will happen!
  • Sunblock & Calagel for minor sunburns (just in case), bug bites, etc.
  • Car games like this one to help your kiddos pass the time in between destinations. Bored kids aren't any more of a treat to deal with than hungry kids.

GO ON NOW! Break free of the norm, and plan the summer trips and vacations your family has been dreaming of! We'll see you out West in Oregon!

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3 comments for “Travel USA”

  1. Posted 10/21/2014 at 8:37:05 PM
    Gravatar of Reymond Garry

    Hello. I loved you blog about travel. So informative :)

  2. Posted 11/5/2014 at 12:45:21 PM
    Gravatar of Caileen

    Thank you, Reymond!

  3. Posted 6/24/2015 at 2:52:31 AM
    Gravatar of Alizy Sahar

    Crater Lake National Park is one of my favourite one destination and from most oldest one national park of USA. I had explored one with my friends. I pleased to see that you also added that park's name and yeah it definitely deserve to be here in world's most beautiful places. I visited there with tripedition tour team, which was really fabulous one of my life. After reading your blog i got some new ideas and new destinations, where i would love to go once before to die. Thanks for sharing Caileen.

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