Mammoth Mosquitoes

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Dear Friends,

The summer fun is just around the corner and you know what that means: picnics, BBQs, parades, and spending time with family and friends; all the things that make summer well, summer! Be on the lookout though, there's a new kid on the block looking to join in your festivities this year, and he's desperate to make his way into your circle of friends. Why? Because he wants to snack on you!  Who is this friend you ask? The six-legged blood sucking kind, that's who!

Recently the Today Show reported a growing concern in Florida over the budding population of a particular species of mosquito known as "Gallinippers" that are measuring 20X the size of an average mosquito. 20 times larger! Can you say OUCH?  According to Today, this type of mosquito is prevalent in the Mid-Western, Eastern, and Southern states.  Why are we suddenly seeing an increase in this species population? Researchers say, eggs can lay dormant for years and typically will not hatch unless disturbed by major changes in weather/climate.  Notably, there have been several major weather events in the past couple of years that could have caused such a commotion. (

As if Mammoth-sized mosquitoes weren't enough, the poor folks in New Jersey are on the lookout for a "Gang of Asian Mosquitoes…" According to an NBC news report, the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) has descended upon the state which already considers the mosquito to be its "state bird." What sets this species apart from the others you ask? Not only are they more elegantly "dressed" in black and white striped body markings that look like mini-tuxedos (in comparison to their cousins dressed in drab brown), they are also considerably more aggressive and feed outside of the normal time constraints that the average blood sucker adheres to.  While most mosquitoes feed primarily at dusk, the Asian tiger mosquito has been known to feed at varying times, day or night. (

As you may know, mosquitoes are more than just irritating insects that devour our blood and leave behind itchy red bumps; they can also potentially transfer diseases such as West Nile Virus, dengue fever, eastern equine encephalitis, and chikungunya fever to humans or animals (e.g. horses, cows, etc.).

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