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Dear Friends,how to remove skunk smell from your dog

Way back when, before Tec Labs and Tecnu came into my life, the solution for de-skunking the dogs in the family was both unsightly, and downright stinky! The particularly heinous combination of "de-skunking" ingredients my mother-in-law used the last time Axel (their 11 year old black lab) was sprayed included: tomato juice, minty-mouth wash, and dish soap.

Please take a moment to imagine the pleasant smell (this is sarcasm folks!) that tomato juice and minty mouth wash creates, and then factor in the actual stench of the skunk smell from it's foul spray! The odor that this particular recipe created, rivaled even that of the skunk's putrid potion. Poor Axel was ousted from the house for two weeks.

Fast forward to me working for Tec Labs, creators of Tecnu.  Sure enough, not long after I began at Tec, Axel found yet another black and white striped friend  (a skunk, not a zebra in case that's what you were thinking!), and sadly lost the battle of Pepè vs. Axel.  This time around, I was sure to bring home a bottle of Tecnu for my mother-in-law to use instead of her rancid concoction. Well, tried and true my friends, Tecnu worked wonders! Not only good for removing urushiol oil that can cause poison ivy (or poison oak) rash, it also effectively removes skunk oil! The next time your furry family member gets sprayed, don't torture them with a slew of any and every remedy you've heard of. Just use Tecnu! Follow these three easy steps when de-skunking your pet:

1.)    Saturate a cloth in Tecnu and wipe down your pet's coat.

2.)    Rinse thoroughly with water.

3.)    Follow up with your regular pet shampoo and a warm water rinse to wash away all remaining Tecnu (this step is to protect your pet from possibly ingesting any Tecnu when they lick themselves).

Whether or not you regularly come into contact with poison oak or ivy plants, if at all, Tecnu Original can still come in handy! Keep a bottle in your medicine cabinet, and the next time your pet is sprayed by a skunk, you'll thank us! And just in case you didn't know, Tecnu Original can also:

  • Remove poison ivy/oak oils from:
    • Skin
    • Tools
    • Clothes
    • Pets
  • Can be used to remove sticky tree sap
  • Removes skunk oils (just in case you weren't paying attention above!)

Do yourself a favor and get a bottle of Tecnu Original Outdoor Skin Cleanser so you'll be prepared for the multitude of cleanse-worthy elements that go hand-in-hand with spending time outdoors!

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4 comments for “De-Skunk-ify”

  1. Posted 6/23/2013 at 9:11:22 PM
    Gravatar of high heels shoes

    Thank you for your sharing, I learned a lot from here , it increase my knowledge and experience. Thank you very much ……

  2. Posted 7/7/2013 at 10:09:58 PM
    Gravatar of Jamie

    AAAAAAARRRGGGH!!! I don't know how I survived all of my 33 years without Tecnu! I have an addiction to hugging my baby goats after they've been out eating poison oak. I don't see a cure in sight, so TECNU TO THE RESCUE!!!!!

    Thanks so much for the most awesome product out there!!! I should buy stock in your company. LOL!!!

  3. Posted 1/10/2016 at 2:06:14 PM
    Gravatar of Marc

    Tecnu is the best product I've used for removing skunk oils from my dog. In fact, the first time I reached for Tecnu oI didn't even know it was used for getting rid of skunk smell on dogs. I just figured that if it was good for poison ivy oils, it should work on skunk oil. Sure enough, my wife read the instructions for Tecnu and we soaked my golden retriever with Tecnu before any water was used. We just kept scrubbing Tecnu into our dogs skunk oil infested fur. We used half a bottle of Tecnu to get rid of the skunk smell. And it worked. No skunk smell left on dog at all.

    The second time we were not so lucky. Our golden retriever took a direct hit between the eyes. I really wasn't sure what the yellow looking stuff between her eyes was. It really didn't smell like skunk but made our eyes water. I still used the Tecnu, but because of the proximity to her eyes, I wasn't aggressive enough with the product or scrubbing. I think I should of scrapped some of the yellow looking oil off first. But I didn't know any better. The Tecnu got ride of the intense skunk smell. But when she gets wet, you still get a wiff of it and it has been seven weeks. I'm going to try washing her down again today, but I have heard that once the dog gets wet Tecnu does t work as well.

  4. Posted 1/15/2016 at 8:38:36 AM
    Gravatar of Caileen

    Marc: I'm glad to hear Tecnu has worked well for you and your pup! I personally, have used Tecnu many times on our black lab!

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