Lions, and Tigers, and Rashes, OH MY


Poison ivy rash is never a fun surprise…

Dear Weekend Warriors,Caution Poison Ivy.jpg

You went camping over the long weekend, didn't you? Just as I thought. And you're reading this post because you ignored the well-intended advice given in my previous post, didn't you? Ok, ok enough of the guilt trip, but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't shame you just a little bit! So, even though you chose to forgo our warning, as promised, I am still here to help you anyway! I will never give up on you outdoor adventurers, EVER! Ok, onto the business of that itchy, irritated rash you developed from coming into contact with urushiol oil (rash-causing oil from poison oak, ivy, and sumac) over the weekend.

{Picture this} So there you were, out on the trail when suddenly the copious amounts of [insert beverage of choice here] you consumed hit you like a ton a bricks. There weren't any bathrooms nearby, so you found the nearest patch of brush, did what you had to do, and went about your merry way along the trail.  Much to your dismay, the next day you noticed red bumps appearing on your {insert affected body part here} and you realized, it was poison ivy rash! And gasp, you then remember you didn't pack a kit of your trusted Tecnu Brand poison oak and ivy products! "Shoot, I should have taken Tec Labs' advice and packed my Tecnu and Calagel," you thought to yourself. The next two days passed by slowly, as your itchy, red rash became increasingly angrier.  It's now Tuesday, and here you are hoping I'd have some advice as to what you should do now to treat your rash. Let's take this step-by-step, shall we?

1.)    Wash affected areas with Tecnu Original - even though your rash has already appeared, we recommend cleansing with Tecnu to remove any excess urushiol oil that might still be on your skin.  Urushiol does not easily wash away with regular soap and water, and can linger on your skin for an extended period of time, leaving you susceptible to secondary contamination (spreading the oil to other parts of your body from the original site).

2.) Apply Tecnu Extreme, Calagel, or Rash Relief Spray - All three of these products help treat the symptoms of your poison ivy (or, oak) rash.  Which product should you use, you ask? All three will get the job done, simply choose the application you prefer best.  For instance, Tecnu Extreme is a gentle scrub that is rinsed away, Calagel is clear antihistamine gel that is left on the skin and quickly absorbs, and Rash Relief Spray is just that, a spray that allows you to medicate your rash without touching your tender skin.

3.) Washing your clothing - After steps 1 & 2, it is crucial that you follow these instructions for washing your clothing and linens.  Because urushiol oil does not easily rinse away, we recommend washing these items in warm/hot water through TWO cycles in your washing machine, with a heavy degreasing detergent, such as Tide. If you neglect this step, it is possible that you will continue to come into contact with urushiol oil and possibly spread the rash to other parts of your body.

Now that you've had to learn your lesson the hard way, I hope the next time you trek outdoors you'll remember to bring your ultimate camping kit with you! If you need further assistance don't hesitate to give us a jingle at 1-800-ITCHING (no, that is not a joke; that's really our phone #), or email us. Adventure on friends!

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