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We have an app for that…


Welcome Back Friends,

Let's talk apps, ok? Ever noticed those six little icons featured on the How to use Tecnufront of your Tecnu® Original label?  You know, the symbols for Skin, Tools, Clothes, Pets, Skunk, and Sap? Yep, those! In case you didn't already know, those six little icons represent how to use Tecnu for the multitude of things it can work its magic on (apps, if you will)! Most avid users have come to know Tecnu's many uses; although there are still some who are not aware of the various ways in which Tecnu® can be used.  Don't worry, we completely understand that by the time you drag yourself to the pharmacy and begin searching for poison oak/ivy help, you may have missed the meaning behind each of our icons! No problem, I'll explain them here:

  • SKIN - If used within the first 2-8 hours after exposure to urushiol oil from poison oak/ivy/sumac, Tecnu® can remove the rash-causing oil from your skin.  Simply apply Tecnu® to the affected area, rub in for 2 minutes, and rinse with cool water.  Check out this helpful video for more details!
  • TOOLS - Saturate a cloth in Tecnu® and wipe down your gardening tools, lawn mower, weed eater, etc. You can follow up with a cloth saturated in water to remove any excess product if necessary.
  • CLOTHES - Saturate any clothing that you suspect may have come into contact with urushiol oil in a bucket before washing in warm/hot water.  You can also spot treat clothing, try attaching a spray top to your bottle and spot treat areas of known exposure.  Last but not least, if you do not have enough Tecnu to fully saturate your clothing, run clothes through two cycles in your washing machine in warm/hot water with a heavy degreasing detergent.  We have a helpful video for this too!
  • PETS - To clean your furry loved one, saturate a cloth in Tecnu® and wipe down their coat.  It is important to follow up with a bath using your regular pet wash to assure your dog/cat does not ingest any excess product that may be left on their coat.
  • SKUNK - If your pet has been sprayed by a skunk, follow the same directions listed above for pets (or watch this helpful video) to remove the awful stink that Pepè Le Pew left behind!
  • SAP - Yes, Tecnu® can also remove sticky, irritating, tree sap! Wipe down tools, skin, or clothing that has been sapped, and voila - sap be gone!


That's right, Tecnu is not just your average cleanser! Been sprayed by a skunk? We've got an app for that.  Run into poison oak or ivy? We've got an app for that too.  Found yourself a sticky mess from tree sap? No worries, we have an app for that as well. So the next time you find yourself facing one of the troubles mentioned above, just remember, Tecnu® Original has an "app" for that!

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