The Golden Years

By Caileen  |  Monday, March 25, 2013  |  Not tagged  |  3 comments

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Greetings friends & fans,

This blog post is sponsored by the MOST commonly asked question here in the land of Tec, especially during our favorite seasons, Spring & Summer (of course)!  The question is: "When does my Tecnu Original Skin Cleanser expire? I can't find an expiration date on my bottle."  I must say, sleuthing well done detectives, you are correct; Tecnu in fact, does NOT have an expiration date. Why you may ask?  That would be because Tecnu is considered a 'Cosmetic Cleanser,' and not required to have an expiration date.  This is when I let callers know the rule of thumb we recommend following with our products, as well as any other cosmetics they may have at home:

  • Cosmetics have a recommended shelf life of about 3-4 years.  Anything older than that should be discarded and replaced.  This is not only to protect you, but to ensure that you are using a fully-functional product.

At this point in the conversation is when the caller then asks me, "well, how old is my Tecnu then? How can I tell when it was made?"  The wonderful thing (specifically useful with Tecnu) is that its color gives away the age.  So I tell them, after giving your bottle a good shake to mix it up, if your Tecnu is a milky-white color it is still good.  However, if it has started to yellow (or golden, depending on who you ask) or brown, you will want to replace it, as it may no longer be as effective in removing urushiol oil.

This usually does the trick.  However, I do still have folks who like to delve deeper into their investigation, and I am always more than happy to oblige their request.  This group wants to know how to indicate the year their Tecnu was made, so they know the exact age of their Tecnu (I can't blame them, I myself am a big fan of exact numbers). So here's how:

On your bottle's label you will find a batch code, a letter followed by three numbers (Ex: L021).  The letter is what you'll be looking for, as it indicates the year the product was made (You'll notice we skipped the letter 'I' to avoid confusion with the number 1.):

  • A - 2003
  • B - 2004
  • C - 2005
  • D - 2006
  • E - 2007
  • F - 2008
  • G - 2009
  • H - 2010
  • J - 2011
  • K - 2012
  • L - 2013

You now have the tools to determine the age of your Tecnu Original, so set forth and venture on friends!

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3 comments for “The Golden Years”

  1. Posted 10/13/2013 at 4:31:41 PM
    Gravatar of Chris

    I just found a bottle made in 2006 that is still white colored so I'm not sure if it's still good or not but this article answered the big question for a lot of people I know

  2. Posted 8/7/2015 at 4:37:29 PM
    Gravatar of pat

    JUST purchased 6 oz. of tecnu rash relief medicated in spray bottle.
    I can't find an expiration date. It does have M2012 on it.
    Has this product already exxpired??

  3. Posted 8/27/2015 at 12:25:34 PM
    Gravatar of Caileen

    Hi Pat, 'M' in the batch code you've provided indicates that your product was manufactured in 2014. Tecnu Rash Relief Spray has a recommended shelf life of approximately 3-4 years.

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