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DIY outdoor projects

Spring is in the air...

Dearest Friends -

If you've experienced the same luck as we have here in the Northwest, you've recently been awarded with (much needed) beautiful sunny days!  Spring is just around the corner, and we can feel it!  Ladies, you may have noticed your husbands spending more time in the garage prepping the lawn mower, weed eater, chain saw, wheel barrow, and generally spending more time with his precious manly possessions in the "man zone (A.K.A. the garage)."  Similarly, men, you may have noticed your wife spending excessive amounts of time on Pinterest reading, pinning, and planning projects with a focus on the garden, yard, potted plants, etc.

So, we here in the great land of Tec Labs meet your eagerness to get outdoors with our top 5 favorite yard/garden project ideas to help you jump start your Spring and your yard! So get things rolling and head to Pinterest to find the pins that inspire you! Try searching these ideas:

  • DIY Perfect Fire Pit! - A few cinder blocks + gravel + some elbow grease = and you've got the perfect backyard retreat the whole family can enjoy!
  • DIY Patio Furniture - Pallets are a much more affordable outdoor furniture option - and you are recycling, it can't get any better!
  • Herb Garden - Up cycle old spoons, mason jars, even pallets to make your own herb garden - Use green, plant green, be green!
  • How to Make Cement Garden Stones - customize your garden with words & illustrations that speak to you!
  • Raised Flower Bed Designs - Find the perfect garden to fit you and your yard! Low, raised, wide, narrow, circular, rectangular, the options are endless!

Set forth do-it-yourself-ers, and let these affordable ideas be the muse for the yard that you deserve!

***Reminder: don't forget to keep all of your Outdoor Solutions (from your trusted team at Tec Labs) on-hand for the just-in-case(s):

  • Tecnu or Tecnu Extreme - If any poison oak or ivy plants decide to surprise you.
  • Calagel - for various itches you may encounter.

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