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Manufacturers are consumers too…Poison oak plant causing unexpected rash

Dear Friends,

I often ask my co-workers for blog post ideas from time to time, in an effort to keep things interesting. They never fail to disappoint! Recently my co-worker Jessica sent me an email with a couple of photos attached, one of her dad, and one of her… both suffering from a bout of poison oak after their latest hunting trek. It's that time of year, the deer in the NW are aplenty! A part of me was bummed for the two of them having gotten into the oak, while the other part of me was giddy and excited for a couple of great pics, and an entertaining blog post topic! I won't tell you which part of me was the greater half, I don't want any of you getting the wrong idea and thinking I'm insensitive! But, between this post, and the one I wrote about my hubby, I may have already branded myself!

At some point Jessica thinks she sat her gun down and without realizing it, later came into contact with urushiol (rash-causing oil from poison oak, ivy, and sumac) when she squared up for a shot, resting the butt of the rifle against her shoulder. She's fortunate that she caught her exposure pretty early; she washed with Tecnu Original at the first sign of the rash, and followed up with Calagel. Unfortunately, her dad wasn't quite as lucky!

Performing his Dad-ly duties, Jessica's pop crawled right into a thicket of berry briars in hopes of jumping her buck. Regrettably, his eagerness took him straight through a patch that was cleverly disguising some poison oak plants that had dropped their leaves for the season. When the rash appeared, he mentioned that he "saw some twigs that looked like P.O., but there was no other way," what a guy!

In the end, it wasn't all for nothing! Jess' dad ended up jumping his own buck, which he intends (being the good father that he is) to share! Looks like Jess has some prime steak cuts and jerky coming her way!

The moral of the story is, even a retired biology teacher of 35 years, and an employee of Tec Labs, (makers of Tecnu and Tecnu Extreme) can find themselves vulnerable to the oak and ivy! A big thanks to Jess for sharing this story with me, and in turn with you my dear readers; and a reminder to you, keep your peepers open and trust your instincts when you venture outdoors, if you think its poison oak (or, ivy) it probably is! But, if you've got to go after that buck, be sure to have your trusted oak and ivy cleanser on hand!

Until next time!

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