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Dear Friends,

I've said it before, and I'll say it again! The best blog posts are inspired by Tec Labs consumer questions; if only you could imagine the questions asked and answered daily at 1-800-ITCHING. Seriously, just I-M-A-G-I-N-E. Whether they be interesting, or entertaining, that's what we're here for; to answer the questions of our loyal consumers and to pass along our most current information on poison oak, ivy, and sumac! We want to best equip you for your outdoor explorations, and simply put, we love what we do!

Alright, so you've read the title of this post and are patiently (or not) waiting for me to get to the point, right? Fair enough, I do occasionally babble! So here goes. One of the most important things any outdoor adventurer must know when it comes to poison ivy and oak plants, is the tendency of urushiol oil to linger on items such as: clothing, tools, equipment, even pets; and when these items are handled later, can potentially cause a rash.  Poison ivy and oak rash is caused by your skin's reaction to the plant's oil (urushiol) which is found in all parts of the plant whether it is dead or alive. Check out the most common sources of unexpected contamination:

  1. Clothing: When in contact with poison ivy or oak plants, urushiol can stay on clothing until it is washed off.
  2. Pets: Pets can carry urushiol on their fur and easily transfer it to you without you knowing it.
  3. Equipment: Urushiol can stay on equipment that has come into contact with the plants for several years unless it is washed off.
  4. Tools: Urushiol can stay on gardening tools for a very long time and transfer oil back to you.

Unexpected sources of poison ivy and oak rash

Now you're wondering, "How do I remove the urushiol oil from these items?" Easy! Tecnu Original Outdoor Skin Cleanser can be used on all of these items to help remove the rash-causing oil so you can rest easy! Simply follow directions on the label and voila! Adios urushiol!

Directions for cleaning with Tecnu Original:

  1. Clothing: Saturate unwetted clothing in a bucket for several minutes. Launder by itself with detergent and hot water. Check for color fastness by testing a concealed corner of the fabric.
  2. Pets: Saturate a cloth in Tecnu and wipe down your pet's coat. Follow with a pet shampoo and water bath. Tecnu can also remove skunk spray from your pet's fur.
  3. Equipment/Tools: Wipe down with a cloth saturated with Tecnu. Wash with soap and water.

Ok! Off you go! Adventure on friends. Contact us if you have questions.

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