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What the Goat?!

By Courtney  |  Wednesday, January 18, 2017 |  , ,  |  Leave comment

Okay first off I have to admit, this blog post has nothing to do with any of our products. However, we here at Tec Labs, the makers of Tecnu and Tecnu Extreme (see how I did that?), love to be active! But we are in Oregon, and it is winter. We literally just had a huge ice and snow storm followed by huge downpours. It makes getting outside for our favorite activities next to impossible. This is nothing new to us Oregonians, but there is a moment where it can get a bit depressing. You know what is not depressing?...BABY GOATS! 

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A story from cousin Eddie

By Courtney  |  Tuesday, December 20, 2016 |  , , ,  |  Leave comment

I truly come from one of THOSE families. No, not the Leave it to Beaver families, but does anyone have one of those anymore? No, I have the Clark Griswold keep you on your toes kind of family. When I leave a family gathering I usually leave with a story to tell my coworkers, but I usually don't come back with a story that actually pertains to my work. However, to my surprise this last family gathering I was wrong. I actually came back with a story that pertained to my work!  

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Oh Autumn, how you fool!

By Courtney  |  Tuesday, November 8, 2016 |  Not tagged  |  Leave comment

Oh, Autumn how we love thee! The air gets cooler, the days get a little bit shorter, and the wonderful world of color fills the skies with gorgeous hues of red and orange. As the leaves gently fall to the ground, we naively think we are in the clear.  We are in the clear of the summer pain. That horrible plant is finally dormant. That horrible poison oak and ivy plant that caused us to itch all spring and summer long is gone. It has shed those leaves of death (or that's how we see them), and we are in the clear for at least a couple of months...


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Poison Ivy's Fuzzy Cousin

STOP! Before you pick up that adorable, fuzzy little critter, make sure it isn't a hickory tussock moth caterpillar (say that 10 times fast!)! Although, not truly a cousin of poison ivy, contact with this little critter's toxin can cause a reaction similar to poison ivy known as contact dermatitis. For those who have never experienced a poison ivy rash (1 in 4 are sensitive), contact with the plant's rash-causing resin can cause a multitude of symptoms including: redness, swelling, itching, and blisters.  

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Dog + Skunk = Tecnu

It's an unfortunate event that most dog owners have experienced; the moment your dog gets sprayed by a skunk. It's a toss-up… who has it worse? The human, or the dog? On the one hand, the poor dog is left gagging on the stench from what he mistook as a furry playmate (usually from a spray STRAIGHT to the face). On the other hand, the human is left gagging on the scent of his furry family member's heinous mistake, AND has to clean up the aftermath. Although I'm a diehard animal lover, I side with the human in this circumstance. Skunk stench + clean up = yuck! Not to mention… I've been there, and selfishly, I feel FAR worse for myself than my pup! In fact, I've thrown some pretty spectacular pity-parties!

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