Cabin Fever Cure

By Caileen  |  Friday, November 2, 2012  |  ,  |  1 comment

Inexpensive family fun for all ages

Geocaching The chilly weather has set in and the kiddos are getting restless! While they have video games, coloring books, toys, and board games galore you think you might lose it if you hear the phrase "I'M BORED" one more time, am I right?  Time to change things up and get creative parents!


  • Make your own holiday ornaments.
  • Indoor sand box - fill a plastic storage container with rice, oatmeal, or beans and provide cups, funnels, spoons, jars, etc.
  • Build a FORT! It's a timeless classic (moms set aside your OCD tendencies to put everything away for a couple days, you won't regret it!).
  • Winter movie marathon - enjoy popcorn and movie theater snacks and snuggle up on the couch!
  • Make your own wrapping paper - find a roll of craft paper and red and green ink pads with holiday themed stamps to decorate.
  • Indoor ice skating - use sheets of wax paper to make boots, secure around the ankles with rubber bands, turn on the holiday tunes and let them loose on the carpet (remember to be careful, it can get slippery!).


  • Find a nearby hill and sled/tube to your heart's content.
  • Snow painting - fill spray bottles with water and a little food coloring and let them loose!
  • Bundle up and go for a walk/hike at a nearby National park.
  • Geocaching - a treasure hunt fun for both kids and adults!

(Kudos to for these great suggestions)

Now that the kids are occupied, you can enjoy your hot chocolate in peace, and if you're lucky, maybe crack open that book you've wanted to read for months now!

REMEMBER: just because the vines have dropped their leaves, you can still get a rash from poison oak or ivy!  Avoid brushy areas when out and about and keep your Tecnu handy at home!

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