Poison ivy and oak season in full bloom

By Caileen  |  Wednesday, May 18, 2011  |  , , , ,  |  5 comments

A late spring and extra precipitation this year will help create a bumper crop of poison ivy and oak. Look for the toxic plants to flourish when the warm weather settles in. Be on the lookout for leaves us three and remember to let them be.Poison_ivy_plant

The best thing a person can do to help prevent the rash of poison ivy, oak and sumac is to be able to identify the plants so you can either avoid the foliage all together or, at the very least, know that you've been exposed so you can be proactive in helping prevent the rash.

Your best weapon against helping to prevent the rash is Tecnu Extreme. Although Tecnu Extreme's big brother, Original Tecnu, is celebrating a 50th birthday this year, it is Tecnu Extreme that is the product you'll want to have nearby. Tecnu Extreme is the first all-in-one product to do three specific and very helpful things:

  1. It helps remove the rash causing oil, urushiol, from the skin so a person can try and help prevent a rash before it even starts.
  2. It helps stop an existing rash from spreading.
  3. It helps relieve the irritating itching that is associated with the rash.

Be sure to use Original Tecnu to help remove the rash causing urushiol from tools, gear, clothing, pets and skin. Now you're prepared to take on those dreaded plants. So, hit the outdoors!

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5 comments for “Poison ivy and oak season in full bloom”

  1. Posted 5/19/2011 at 4:45:19 PM
    Gravatar of Shirley H

    I am extremely susceptible to poison ivy....airborne reaction can even be a nightmare!!! Until I discovered Technu Extreme!!! Absolutely love this stuff!! Bought out bottle from every pharmacy in town!! I would be a spokes person any day for this absolutely amazing product!!!
    Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!
    (where have you been all my life??)

  2. Posted 5/21/2011 at 8:56:59 AM
    Gravatar of Jim hart

    Garden center owner said all his landscapers applied Tecnu as soon as they got back from a job, whether they've seen poison ivy or not. But beware that your dog could carry the poison on its coat--I was blind-sided and got a severe poison ivy rash from giving the dog a playful rub. I never fail to use Tecnu. My rule with regard to poison ivy is this: If you've seen it, you've touched it. Tecnu as soon as possible.

  3. Posted 5/31/2011 at 5:12:47 AM
    Gravatar of george germaine

    I just wanted to thank this company for making a great product.
    Its only the end of may and I already caught poison ivy twice in 3 weeks due to the nature of my job. This is the best thing since sliced bread (tecnu- rash relief). I ve tried many products over my 40 + yrs and never had the results of healing like I do now.

    A new customer for life.

    Thank you

    George germaine

  4. Posted 6/6/2011 at 4:12:48 PM
    Gravatar of mark

    Geez thanks Shirley! Leave a couple bottles for the rest of us who are extremely allergic instead of hoarding more than you will use in an entire season. I just went to every store in town and they are sold out due to a recent storm that brought trees down and has anyone helping clean up covered in a rash. Nothing wrong with stocking up on a great product but you might consider others who will probably end up in the ER for cortisone shots thanks to greedy folks like you. Hopefully the original tecnu I picked up will be enough.

  5. Posted 7/8/2011 at 6:09:59 PM
    Gravatar of Linda M

    One of my best friends is surveyor and he saw my pleas on Facebook for help with poison ivy. He and your Tecnu spray SAVED me and my husband! He is a transplant recipient--I can't tell you how bad he got the rash because his immune system stays compromised, therefore, getting poison ivy is very dangerous to his health! Yes, we headed for the ER, both had to get cortisone shots, and take prednisone! And YES BEWARE of your pets! We have 2 little Doxies and they kept getting it on their fur, so now we wash them down and wash our bed linens a lot!
    We are slowly digging up the poison ivy buried beneath the backyard of our lease house--unbeknownst to us when we moved in--and are disposing of it. THANK YOU for such a fine product that works EVERY time!! We are both now loyal customers for life and promote your product to all of our family and friends on FB and by word of mouth!! We order it ahead online so we leave what's in the store for those who need it asap--we feel your pain! LOL!! Long live Tecnu!!!!! XOXO

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