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Steve SmithThe principal of honesty and personal integrity are at the foundation of our Smith family values. I recall being 6 or 7 years old and taking a handful penny candies from a mom and pop market near my home in Indiana. While sitting on the porch at home, munching away on the ill gotten gain, mom, suspecting that the sweets had been pilfered questioned me and got to the bottom of the matter. The subsequent discipline was twofold: first I had to apologize to the shop keeper and second I had to pay back the dime or so (which I didn't have). So the kindly old gentleman came up with the community service of sweeping off his front walkway to the store in compensation.

The honesty lesson stuck with me on both accounts since I was mortified that I had to confess to the store owner my sins. And of course sweeping put me on public display and humiliation since all the kids in the neighbor wanted to know why I was sweeping the front walkway and I had to explain it in gory detail over and over again.

The advantage I see now as an adult to honesty and always doing the right thing is that it makes my life simpler. If I'm presented with a choice and it's not the right thing to do I simply don't waste any time wondering if I should or shouldn't do it. It also means I never have to make up a story to conceal a falsehood - since I just need to recall the truth of what actually happened.

Interestingly a couple of years ago the members of my Excell CEO exchange were all asked to identify three primary values which they based their lives on. Every single one included honesty as one of their identifying characteristics.

I have incorporated this wisdom into how we run the business here at Tec Labs. We serve our customers best when we strive to always do right.  As a reminder, this core value is posted in the hallway where every employee can be reminded.

As a reminder for myself, I have the complete quote framed on my office wall:

"Always do right. It will gratify most people and astonish the rest", Mark Twain.

By Steven D. Smith, President

Tec Laboratories, Inc.


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