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Steve Smith family at Oregon Business Top 100 2011We are not just a company full of people who happen to like working together. We are like family. It is this bond that has taken us back to making the Oregon's Best Places to Work list again in 2011.

The success of Tec Labs has been built on the philosophy that by hiring cheerful, smart, hard-working people, and giving them the tools and training to do the job right, there isn't any problem we can't solve. Our biggest problem was overcoming two very tough years in 2008 and 2009, to finish 2010 with our strongest year ever.

Tough years can take a toll on your company's culture. That is why we looked to our core values to come up with ideas to bring back moral:

  • We were paid back a 5% salary cut that was taken in 2009.
  • We post compliments to each other on our "Appreciation Station" to showcase each other's best qualities.
  • The president of Tec Labs has "Culture Cash" that he hands out to employees to show his appreciation for them. The cash can be used to buy snacks.
  • Monthly, we have company-wide meetings with a catered lunch where bonuses are handed out and compliments are given.
  • We celebrate the anniversaries of our employees with a breakfast every month.
  • We have games and contests where employees can win gift cards to their favorite stores and restaurants.

Steve Smith, president of Tec Labs, believes that by taking care of your employees first, they will pave the way for success.  This year by making #21 on the Oregon Top 100 Business list, he has been proven right.

Tec Labs top 100 group

Photos: Upper right - Tec Labs president Steve Smith with wife, Tonya, and daughter, Callie.  Bottom - Tec Labs employees who attended the dinner.

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