NGAR Recap from Team Tecnu Extreme

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The North Georgia Adventure Race March 12-13th was Tecnu Extreme's 2011 adventure racing debut. The team (Kyle Peter, Leslie Reuter, and Brian Schmitz) was very excited to finally hit the race-course after a long winter of heads-down training! The team was raring to go!

This year's race would be overlaid with pleasant weather (as opposed to 2010's freezefest!). This would make things even faster than planned. And the competition would be fierce, as usual.

The night before Saturday morning's start was relatively painless and focused with the usual map, route, and gear prep. This efficiency meant a solid meal and solid sleep was in store!  Eventually race morning started with a pre-dawn wake-up call from the team manager and crew chief, Doug Judson.


The gun went off and the race started with a quick canoe portage to the a lakeside put-in. Kyle and Brian lead the field up a short hill, grabbed the canoe, and ran it back down to the put-in in the lead. Leslie was waiting-gear in hand. The team launched the boat and was off on the first leg. This leg was basically an out and back to and from CP1. We dusted the field coming in more than 10 minutes ahead of the followers. We were happy about that!

The next section was the first of three solo orienteering legs. This one would be the easiest of the three. Leslie volunteered for this one. She smoked it in about 14 minutes! We were then off on our mountain bikes for about a 75 minute road ride. Again, we flew through this section.  We pace-lined while each of us kept the pressure high. Again, a super fast split and we came into the transition with a 40 minute lead!

Then came the second solo orienteering leg, and Brian was up for this one. This one was a bit more advanced than the first. Problems ensued for Brian, which resulted in a fatal error that cost the team two CPs. Ouch! This put the team in a serious pinch. Regardless of how fast the team was from here on, the teams that had more CPs would be ranked higher.

With fingers crossed that other lead teams would screw up and allow us to sneak back into the lead, the team headed out on the mountain bikes once again. This leg would be much more difficult and longer than the first. Two of the CPs would also require running to bag them. During the second of the two Brian's left foot locked up and literally forced him to a crawl. The team was not dismayed, and with stellar team-work, Kyle threw Brian on his back (literally) and carried him to the CP and then back to the bikes, while Leslie carried all three back-packs. Incredible team chemistry working together like a fine oiled machine.

They eventually pulled into another transition for the third solo orienteering leg. By this point, it was pitch dark. This would add to the difficulty but Kyle was up for this one. After 48 minutes, Kyle came screaming into the transition saying , " Pony up Tecnu, Pony up," with the best split of the day for that section! Spot on nav Kyle!

The team then set out on the last leg: what was estimated to be a 10-12 hours of bushwhack/run. Riding high from Kyle's previous orienteering leg, the team was motivated to yet again knockout a best split. Using teamwork to back-up Kyle's spot on navigation, the team smoked the leg in just under 8 hours! This pulled the team across the finish in about 21.5 hours over 4 hours faster than any other team. With penalties assessed and splits counted, the team finished third overall.

The team left Georgia with mixed emotions: frustrated by the race's missed CPs, but happy with the efficiency and speed of everything else. The race prep was flawless and fast; the team moved through most of legs so fast other teams looked as if they were standing still; and the navigation back-up provided to Kyle was right-on! We are excited to see where this season takes us as the team seems to be near top form heading into the 2nd race of the season, the LBL.

The next race is the LBL Challenge in western Kentucky in early April. Be sure to stay tuned to the team's Facebook Fan Page for updates and pictures!

This race and the rest of 2011's races would not be possible without the support from the team's title sponsor, Tecnu Extreme. Their support has been tremendous! And their products kick butt too! We know this from experience (Northern California's coast is littered with poison oak!).

Above all else, the team also wouldn't be able to do what they do without the love and support from their family and friends. Thank you, all!!



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  1. Posted 3/17/2011 at 9:25:32 PM
    Gravatar of Earring Doug

    The team was amazing this past weekend, and dominated the course. Amazing teamwork,chemistry,and flawless pre-race prep. Its too bad we lost, but it certainly was NOT for lack of effort. I cannot wait for the LBL Challenge and to see how fast the team tears up the course. 2011 is going to be an amazing year for us.

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