Team Tecnu Extreme Gears up for 2011

By Lisa  |  Friday, February 4, 2011  |   |  1 comment

Tecnu Extreme adventure racing is coming off a great off season, and we start racing again March 12-13th in Elijay, Georgia at the NGAR 30 hour adventure race. We finished 2010 as the #1 team in California, and the #2 team in the nation. With 9 races planned for 2011, we have set our goals high, and want you to keep coming back for stories, race updates, healthy recipes, training/racing video's, tips and much more. Stay tuned, and thanks for being fans of both the team and our killer products. Stay semi sane!

Team TecX2010

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1 comment for “Team Tecnu Extreme Gears up for 2011”

  1. Posted 11/1/2011 at 8:57:20 AM

    This is a nice team. I am really hoping to become a member of an adventure group like this. I want to be involved in outdoor sports too.

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