Favorite T-shirt Friday

By Lisa  |  Friday, February 18, 2011  |  Not tagged  |  1 comment


Once a month, the emplopyees at Tec Labs gather for a company wide meeting. Our meeting is a special day where we have a chance to compliment each other for going above and beyond, review the financial status and stay up to date with the latest company news.

maria_winnerThis month, we wanted to have a little extra fun, so we had a "wear your favorite T-shirt to work day".

A great variety of shirts showed up, from favorite teams to favorite jokes. (Yep, that's our president all the way on the right with the puppy T-shirt. He played along too!)

Our winner was Maria from the QA Department.  Her T-shirt read "I'm not Short, I'm Fun-Size".  Her prize - a fun size Butterfinger.

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  1. Posted 2/18/2011 at 2:31:50 PM

    Her shirt tells the truth. "She is a great person to work with and alot of FUN to hang out with too.We LOVE her at Tec!"

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