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Winter Adventure Travel List

By Courtney  |  Friday, January 5, 2018 |  , ,  |  Leave comment

As much as we love our summer hikes and backpacking trips, our love for winter adventure is just as great. Whether it is ice climbing, snowshoeing, skiing, or snowmobiling we love it all. Below, we have compiled our top destinations in the US for winter adventure. So the next time you need to get away for some time in the snow, mark these down on your travel list.

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What Does Poison Sumac Look Like

By Courtney  |  Thursday, November 9, 2017 |  ,  |  Leave comment

Here at Tecnu®, we talk about poison oak and ivy A LOT! Poison oak and ivy are the most common poisonous plant, and we often forget about the "Jan Brady" of the story: poison sumac. 

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Contact Dermatitis Symptoms

So let's talk about Contact Dermatitis. Yep, I want to talk about skin irritations! This is the not so glamorous part of our job, but contact dermatitis can be alarming, and it is usually your first indication that you have come into contact with poison oak, ivy, or sumac. First off let's review what contact dermatitis is. According to Dictionary.com, contact dermatitis is defined as "inflammation of the skin caused by an allergic reaction to contact with an animal, vegetable, or chemical substance." Common causes include such things as nickel, latex, fragrances, and our wonderful poisonous plant friends. You may be thinking to yourself "But, how do I know it is contact dermatitis?!". Unfortunately, the irritation is different for each person depending on your sensitivity to the allergen or irritant.  

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Meet Our Outdoor Go-to

By Courtney  |  Tuesday, June 13, 2017 |  , , ,  |  1 comment

Have you ever met someone and thought, "This person is my spirit animal"? We here at Tec Labs have our very own spirit animal, and he is our co-worker Gabriel Starr. He is our go-to guy on all things outdoors because we are fairly confident he has tried it all. We are usually left in awe when we hear about his latest weekend adventure or upcoming excursion. We decided that we needed to ask him some questions. So, please enjoy our very first Tec Labs interview!

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How to Build a Fire Pit

After a thorough search on Pinterest, it is safe to say that there are about 101 ways to build your own fire pit! What's better? The cost is relatively cheap if you're willing to put in a little elbow grease. That, or you can shell out the hundreds of dollars it can cost to buy a pre-fabricated fire pit. We'll go for the DIY route and take it a little easier on our wallets! OK, here's what you do:

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