A notice comes home. It is every family's nightmare. There is a head lice outbreak in the community!

Concerns over head lice may cause a range of reactions such as stress, panic and worry with the concern that a dreaded infestation may have taken over a home. However it is not uncommon for head lice to be misdiagnosed and easily confused with minor scalp irritations like dandruff. Learning how to check for head lice can help prevent unnecessary stress.

We have created a process that is simple for any family to use to check for head lice. You do not need to be an expert, and it is as simple as combing hair. See the printable infographic below to learn how to check for head lice.

How to Check for Head Lice

(Click image to download PDF. Prints best on legal size paper, but regular letter size works too.)

A few things to remember when checking for head lice:

  • If you find head lice, it is not necessary to treat everyone in the household. Only treat family members if you have found head lice in their hair.
  • As an alternative to traditional chemical pesticides, there are affordable, over-the-counter non-toxic head lice treatments, such as Licefreee! brand head lice treatments.
  • It is a good idea to check for head lice within 7 days of a treatment to see if they are all gone.
  • Be sure to follow up head lice treatment with proper cleaning of your home. See How to Get Rid of Head Lice in Your Home.