If your child becomes infested, choose a safe and proven pediculicide. Follow all the directions carefully.

Mother_using_LF_SprayIn the past, treatment for lice has been messy, uncomfortable or potentially harmful pesticides. Licefreee!® head lice treatments are changing all that. Made from the naturally occurring mineral, sodium chloride, USP (Latin: Natrum muriaticum).

Nits, or lice eggs, must be removed manually after the lice treatment. Thoroughly combing out the hair until all lice and eggs are gone will help prevent reinfestation. The female louse lays the eggs at the base of the hair close to the scalp. They are very hard to remove, so a special nit comb is recommended and should be used after each application. A good comb-out conditioner is also a great way to help ease egg removal. (Licefreee! includes a patented stainless steel comb for effective removal of dead lice and their nits.)

A follow up treatment should be done within 7-10 days to kill any newly hatched lice that may have been missed in the initial treatment.