Head Lice Help App for iOS and AndroidStruggling with head lice? We are here to help! With our handy Head Lice Help app everything you need to know about treating head lice is at your fingertips.

Head Lice Help is developed by the makers of Licefreee!® brand head lice treatments to assist in the identification, treatment and prevention of head lice infestation.

Features include:

  • Information on head lice including what they look like, the lice life cycle, how to identify a lice infestation, and common school policies on head lice.
  • A checklist with tips for getting rid of head lice infestation.
  • Head lice prevention tips to help you prevent having to live with head lice again.
  • Information on Licefreee!® brand non-toxic head lice products and where to purchase them.
  • Portal to the "Keeping Kids Lice Free Facebook" page that posts tips to promote a healthy lifestyle for kids.
  • Portal to "Hairstyles to Help Avoid Lice" Pinterest board with fun, updated hairstyles to keep long hair contained.

Look for updates from our app notifying you when Licefreee!® brand head lice products are on sale and for other special promotions and offers.


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