How do I treat head lice?


If your child comes home with head lice, choose a safe and proven pediculicide. Follow all the directions carefully.

We recommend using non-toxic Licefreee! Gel or Licefreee Spray! to kill head lice and nits without using potentially harmful pesticides such a pyrethrum or permethrin. Made from the naturally occurring mineral, sodium chloride, USP (Latin: Natrum muriaticum), Licefreee! is safe and effective, and is available without a prescription.

Nits, or lice eggs, should be removed manually after treatment. The female louse lays the eggs at the base of the hair close to the scalp. They are very hard to remove, so a special nit comb is recommended and should be used after each application. Licefreee! includes a patented stainless steel comb for effective removal of dead lice and their nits.