Relieve the symptoms of your poison ivy or oak rash and help prevent scarring! An effective rash treatment, Tecnu® Rash Relief Spray with Scar Prevention provides itch relief, promotes healing and helps prevent scarring with a fast, cooling, easy-to-apply, no-touch spray.

Product Description

Consumers have shared with us that when they do have a painful, itchy rash, they want a rash treatment that can be applied without touching the rash itself. We have listened to the request and are proud to present Tecnu Rash Relief Medicated Anti-itch Spray with Scar Prevention.

Tecnu Rash Relief Spray is a unique, medicated anti-itch spray that provides relief from painful itching, promotes healing, and dries the oozing of poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac rash. Its homeopathic formula also helps prevent scarring from the damage to your skin caused by poison plant rash. Tecnu Rash Relief Spray is easy to apply with a non-aerosol spray that allows application without touching your skin.

For best results cleanse the area first with Tecnu Extreme® Medicated Poison Ivy Scrub or Tecnu® Original Outdoor Skin Cleanser to remove the rash-causing oil, urushiol (oo-roo-she-all), to keep the poison ivy, oak or sumac rash from spreading.


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It's the only thing out there that works! I have an allergic reaction to dairy products , I break out with large welts, the rash from it looks like poison oak, So I gave Rash Relief a try The itch and pain was gone the whole rash went away in less than 2 weeks. Just wanted to say I love it and I don't even mind spending $12.99. I tell all my friends!

Valerie Saenz

In North Carolina we have Fire Ants and I know I should be on the lookout for them but two days ago I stood in the middle of one of the ant hills and recieved a total of 9 bites. They were ok till tonight and I must have been scratching in my sleep and woke myself up. Its now 1:25am been here 2 1/2 hours and still itching. I went to the medicine cabinet and forgot about Rash Relief sprayed it on about 10 minutes ago no more itch think I'll go back to bed.

John Elliott

The last time I had poison ivy it entered my blood stream. I was in the Hospital for 7 days. So, when I got it this time I was scared and saw a doctor right away. They put me on a high dose topical cortizone and an oral steriod for two weeks. After the two weeks the rash got worse and spread to 35% of both legs. So I went to the store, bought this pray and with in 72 hrs it was almost all the way gone! My skin was not dried out like most anti-ivy or anti-itch solutions. This is an amazing product and I posted it all over my Facebook! I highly recommend!


This is such GREAT STUFF!!! i had to clear out an area of poison ivy and other noxious weeds in our summer residence so that I could put my compost bin in the trees and I came into the house itching like mad. I washed with TECNU EXTREME and then applied RASH RELIEF and the itching was gone and the area never swelled up with bumps and poison ivy. I tried this because I have had very bad poison ivy in the past but this time... nothing. Thank-you Tecnu...

Bea Goodman

Folks, I bought your product two weeks ago because I wanted to try it on some poison ivy. I was clearing some property in SW Fl and was around poison ivy vines and got the stuff all over my arm. I bought this and some Cortizone cream. I gave your product a try, and as it claims, Tecnu worked well on my poison ivy.

More than that though, I cut my hand while clearing some brush on my property a week or so later... After antibiotics, I was healing, but my wound was still red and swollen. I began spraying Tecnu Rash Relief on my wound and within hours I could tell visually that my wound was healing! Twenty four hours later, my wound looks and feels better! By tomorrow, at this rate, there will be no more need to worry, my wound will be a concern of the past. My wound is going from an oozing cut to a small scar and memory of a painful mistake!

By the way, I researched your product and its homeopathic properties, and I will have Tecnu in one form or another in my medicine cabinet from now on.

Thank you,

Polk Threlkeld

Never before had I experienced overwhelming and immediate relief from the severity of poison ivy's itchy rash and discomfort. As one with a lifelong profound allergic reaction to this plant, the phenomenal anti-itch and healing result of tecnu [Rash Relief] was instantaneous, and quite remarkable. Thanks to my sister for telling me of this wonderful product; I wish I had known of it years earlier. And, thank you tecnu for developing this remarkable medication.

Brenda Lowe

I am so grateful for Tecnu Rash Relief. I went to two doctors for a rash that appeared on my arm and quickly began to spread all over my back and legs. After several over the counter creams, a prescription lotion, and Prednisone, my rash continued to spread for two weeks. It itched very badly and there was never a second of relief. After one spray of Tecnu Rash Relief I felt immediate relief. The rash stopped spreading when I started using the spray and finally started to go away. I will always have Tecnu Rash Relief on hand. I highly recommend this product!

Kaylen Winter

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