Tecnu Extreme Medicated Poison Ivy Scrub takes care of your poison ivy or oak rash in just 15 seconds! For effective relief of a poison ivy or oak rash, you need to remove the rash-causing oil and apply an anti-itch treatment. Tecnu Extreme is the first medicated scrub to do both in just one step!

Product Description

Poison ivy, oak and sumac rash is caused by the skin's reaction to the plant's oil, urushiol (oo-roo-she-all). For effective poison ivy or oak treatment, you must first remove the urushiol oil to keep it from spreading and also apply an anti-itch treatment to alleviate the painful, itchy rash symptoms. Usually this takes two products, but Tecnu Extreme can do both in one step! Washing with Tecnu Extreme for 15 seconds not only removes the rash-causing plant oil, but it also provides itch relief and soothes burning from poison ivy, oak and sumac rash.

If you know you have been exposed to poison ivy or oak, Tecnu Extreme can be used to remove the poison oil that causes rash and itching if used within 8 hours after exposure to the poison ivy, oak and sumac plants before a rash appears.


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I've used regular Tecnu for many years... But your new Tecnu Extreme is even better. It's easier to apply and it works faster than ever. I can count on Tecnu Extreme to save my skin whether I'm weed-whacking or brushing my dog. Thanks for improving an already terrific product!

Perry MaGill


I just wanted to say THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!! I have poison ivy all over my body, and was going absolutely crazy with the itching. I had tried soaking in oatmeal baths and applying calamine lotion, I was also applying alcohol and even straight bleach to the affected areas, but got no relief and the poison was still spreading like wildfire to other areas of my body.

So I bought your Tecnu Extreme Poison Ivy Scrub and the relief it gave me is simply AMAZING!! I love the little scrubby beads in it, because it allowed me to "scratch" the itch without breaking the skin. It is only day 2 of using your product, and already I can tell that it is healing and drying out. I know exactly what I wll do next time I even think I have poison ivy and will highly recommend it to anyone I know who needs it.
A thousand thanks for the relief!

Jo Randazzio

I attended an occupational health and safety conference in July of this year. I am a safety consultant that works for the Kentucky School Boards Insurance Trust. While working my way through the safety expo I came across your product, Tecnu Extreme. I listened intently as the pitch-man told me of how your product worked and what it would do for a person affected with poison ivy, oak or sumac.

After hearing his pitch, I explained to him that I had an outbreak on me at the time. He offered me a sample and told me to take it and try and get back with him as to the results. I left with the sample, thinking, yea, right, more snake-oil (ever the skeptic). I went back to my hotel room and proceeded to take a shower and wash the effected areas with Tecnu Extreme. Literally within minutes I was no longer itching, and the rash had begun to disappear. By the next day, the redness was gone. It blew me away as I had been having issues with the trifecta of poisons for years and all of a sudden a product that is making it go away.

Needless to say, I went back to the vendor booth and told him that I was sold!!! In my line of work as a consultant to school districts, I often see groundskeepers who are itching away from one of the poison trifectas. I immediately recommend your product and now that I know it is relatively easy to get, I tell everyone that complains about poison ivy, oak, or sumac. It really works!!!!

M Terrell

While deer hunting I was in a tree that had a vine growing up it and I was not aware that it was poison Ivy. I have been using two different creams this week with zero positive results. I was a little hesitant to throw more money out for no results but all I can say is Money Well Spent. Used it for the first time tonight and it's working great. Awesome product. I will defiantly spread the word of Tecnu Extreme. Thanks!

Mike Baseler

One of my favorite after work bike rides is a trail called Meadowlark Park. It has everything a mountain biker looks for, but in a condensed package which makes it optimal when sunlight is limited. However it also has the stuff that mountain bikers do not want; poison ivy and a lot of it. Nearly everybody that rides the trail has complained about getting a poison ivy rash, everybody except me. As soon as I finish the 4.5 mile loop, I go straight to my car and use my water bottle and Tecnu Extreme and quickly scrub down before the commute home. I often joke that I get poison ivy by looking at it. However since using Tecnu, I have been rash free!!

Anthony Galvin

My Husband is extremely allergic to poison oak/Ivy. A few years ago a geocaching friend introduced us to Tecnu and it has been a life saver. Now when he is exposed he washes immediately with Tecnu and then showers with Tecnu Extreme when he gets home. Thanks Tecnu for a great product that Keeps my husband out of the Doctors office!

Debbie Anderson

I am 28 years old and had never gotten poison ivy in my life. I got it for the first time last week in Virginia. It was horrible I had rashes on both of my legs from my knees to about 2 inches below my crouch. I left work early on Monday because it was so itchy that I could not concentrate. I got home and washed with tecnu extreme and the rash stopped itching. It is now Thursday there has been no pain or itching and the rash has dried and is a fraction of the size it once was. I will be happy to share before and after pictures with tecnu if you would like. I have never been happier with any product I have ever bought.

Joe Pignatelli

I am very sensitive to poison ivy. I went to work on my truck at a friend's field a couple days after the fourth of July, it had been sitting there since winter.

The area had been over grown, I popped the hood open, and walked around to the front of the truck, where I pushed some over grown brush to the side with my left arm to raise the hood. Checked out what I needed on the truck, it took maybe 15 mintues, went back to my car and noticed a silver dollar sized red spot near my watch on my wrist, I had been subconsciencesly scratching. I noticed it had raised bumps. I went to my friend's house, by the time I got there maybe 5 minutes, I had 2 more red spots on my wrist, several lash type lines on my legs, a spot on my neck and, the whole back of my neck from where I had rubbed sweat off with my hand.

I rinsed off with car wash and a hose pipe (that is all that was there and accessable). Then I drove to the local Wal Greens, bought the Extreme scrub and regular tecnu. I used the Extreme scrub on the worst spots in the parking lot and wiped off with paper towels and rinsed with cold bottled water. I drove home, it took about about 30 min. Upon arrival to the house I immediatly took a shower using the extreme scrub on the rest of the spots and the regular tecnu soap all over. Then I washed my clothes with the technu soap, washed my shoes with a heavy degreaser, and wiped the car interior down with the regular technu soap. The severe spots on my wrist, arm, and neck where mild red spots the next day, and gone 3 days out.

The only areas I had any reaction, were behind my knees pretty severe, and a few small scattered spots (pencil tip sized, that developed blisters) on my legs and arms, I can only assume that I missed washing good behind my knees, and attribute the small spots to either missed with the soap, some cross contaminated surface I missed cleaning.

Thank you for a great product, I will not be without it at home, and I will keep the extreme scrub in my car or pack it with me.

Michael Roux

A couple years ago there was a Tecnu Extreme sample packet in my Outdoor Life magazine. My son contacted poison ivy and I gave him the packet to try. The stuff worked like magic...we couldn't believe how great it was. No fuss, no mess, very little product needed (but you must follow the instructions or it will not work). Since then we have bought many tubes and have spread the word. Everyone I told about it has tried it and agrees it's like a magic remedy. Thanks for a great product! Susan Kirk, Nazareth PA

Susan Kirk

I am 42 years of age and am very allergic to poison ivy. I get it every year, have had it EVERYWHERE on my body and don't have to touch the leaves to contract it. I have even been admitted to the hospital because it broke out on my face... I'm so happy I found Tecnu Extreme because its the only product that dries up the rash... Since I found this 'miracle' product I don't use anything else and make sure to have it in stock at all times. Thank you again for this most perfect skin scrub!!!

marge millern

I was riding my mountain bike when I was asked to help with trail maintenance. As I was shoveling and weeding, an older gentleman rode up and asked me if knew what I was standing in. Without hesitations I shouted..OMG, tell me it's not the P-IVY.. Here, as I was working so hard I failed to pay attention that I was working in.... HEAVY IVY... I began to almost cry!!!! I can look at Ivy from across the field and without any contact, I am at the doctors and in BAD SHAPE for a month. The gentleman open his bag on his bike and handed me a sample of tenu Extreme. I rode back to civilization. found the first hose and began scrubbing with extreme. I HAVE NO BREAK OUT!!!!! I will NEVER be in the woods again with a few single packets of extreme.. Thanks you SO much for a product that saves folks like us from MONTHS of horror each year!! And I mean HORROR!!!!

Jeff Sorge

I have a severe allergy to poison ivy and have tried everything on the market to quell the itch and aid in the healing. Nothing has worked until I tried Tecnu [Extreme]. It is a miracle product. The minute I started using it the itch went away and the healing started.

Evelyn Bertoni

2 weeks before my cousins wedding I had poison ivy all over both of my arms and my hands. I tried calamine lotion and caldryl. Although caldryl did stop the itch, the rash wasn't drying up and going away. I tried tecnu extreme body wash and after the first day I noticed an amazing change. After only 3 days of using it the rash was drying and clearing up. After a few more days it was completely gone. I also worked for a doctor a few years later and when patients would come in with poison ivy I would tell the doctor to tell them to try tecnu first and most likely it would work. So many of the patients tried it and it worked. Even if they were to call and couldn't come in for an appointment the doctor wanted me to tell them on the phone to try it. After 3-4 days they would call back thrilled that it worked. I highly recommend this product. Usually nothing ever works for me but this worked like a charm.

Jill G

I received Tecnu Extreme as a test product with StuffStuff. I am a person who is extremely allergic to poison oak/ivy and is always looking for something that will help with the allergic reaction. I've found it, thanks to Tecnu Extreme. This is a great product and really works.

Betty Kelly

I have a severe case of poison ivy with a rash on almost my entire body from exposure over two weeks ago. I've tried the medicated cream that my doctor prescribed, as well as a few much more expensive products - and have been suffering with little relief, and even less sleep the entire time.. Just one application of your product tonight, and the itching and burning are completely gone. I am totally amazed. Great product! -Melissa Scarfo Pittsburgh, PA

Melissa Scarfo

This is the best stuff on the market ! Believe me ...I know! I am highly allergic to this terrible plant, and any form of the Sumac family of plants ! This is the only product I have found to... prevent the horrible itch associated with it ! If I know, I have come in contact with a plant, I immediately apply this scrub to remove the Urishol oil, and my outbreak is greatly reduced to none at all. This product is a must for anyone looking to find relief !!

Carol Yates

Simple testimonial. Best poison ivy treatment product on the market. Nothing else needs to be said. Period.

Jamie Archie

I got into some poison ivy while trimming some hedges,the rash,the itching,burning sensation was bad,I used the tecnu extreme on the affected area,it kind of tingled for a few seconds,then it relieved the itchy, burning and after a day I could not see any signs of the rash.Thanks very much for a product that does what it is advertised to do.Great Product,I would absolutely recommend it to a friend. Thanks again

Roy G Evans

This is a great product just finished testing it for North American Hunter and loved it I will be recommending this to my family and all my friends.

Alan Detty

Have used this stuff for several years and it for sure works. Don't be caught without it.


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